February 26

Rabbit Hole: Ace of Wands Rx


It seems like little to anything of what I’ve tried to accomplish lately has been simple or straightforward. Every answer has twelve more questions attached, every solution hands off another four problems and if you’re a perfectionist about any of it? Good luck with that, my friends.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m doing well enough with it…I mean, aren’t you? You breathe and you center and you show up with the whole you, intensely present. But it could be enough to make a person question themselves, even if they’re not super into questioning themselves.

So how do we avoid tripping into rabbit holes? Because this question is going to be relevant in the next few days.

New Week in Tarot

The outlook is given us as the reversed Ace of Wands. Advice shows up as the Hanged Man.

(From my work deck, Radiant Rider Waite. I have been meaning to give you more variety, but I pulled this weekly on the fly after a private session…)

The reversed Ace of Wands is screaming “rabbit hole” to me right now. It’s as if all the force of the suit of wands is being burned right into back into the ground with the reversal, creating a rabbit hole before our very eyes.

We can trip into a rabbit hole on any topic, really–some are no doubt enjoyable; many are constructive and helpful. Others just suck.

I’m not going to tell you to do anything specific about it, should you find yourself in the clutches of a rabbit hole. The Hanged Man is not a specific sort of fellow, after all.

Instead, I’ll tell you keep the faith. Ride it out. Don’t feel you need to do anything specific. Allow. Dissolve. Observe. Sense. Feel. Most especially, feel.

Next week, I expect there to be distractions. Some will be far less important than our anxiety would say. Don’t believe it!  Step back, slow down and allow yourself to ride out the tides. Feel your way through and every day, keep showing up with your whole self. It will make all the difference.

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Ace of Wands, Hanged Man

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