April 27

04/28/13: Burn Hot / Queen of Wands


“An invincible determination can accomplish almost anything and in this lies the great distinction between great men and little men.” –Thomas Fuller


In a lovely follow-up to Death, the Queen of Wands appears to light the way forward the next day. She’s strong, determined, and just stubborn enough.

I tend to read Tarot queens as internally focused, Tarot Kings externally focused. In that context, the thought of what she suggests in the wake of cleaning up from devastation becomes apparent.

Your job doesn’t start with convincing anyone else of your inner drive, your convictions, or your sincerity. It starts with convincing yourself. Before that fire is lit for the world to see, it must already be burning brightly inside you. Contagious enthusiasm is a fire—one much more likely to catch nearby souls alight if it’s already burning bright and hot at it’s source.

Look inside to develop your own passions. This queen is not a follower! She’s a leader, but not the kind that requires follower to lead, Instead, she is fiercely independent. She leads courtesy of inspiration. Her fire catches because it burns so bright and true. Be the queen. Let your passions inspire you.

Can you feel the Queen of Wands?

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