March 12

03/12/12: Beheading Woes? | Queen Swords, 10 Disks



The Queen of Swords (Water in Air) and Ten of Pentacles (Disks, Mercury in Virgo) – do you see there, what she’s done? That head’s a trophy, not companion. The Queen of Swords doesn’t mess around.

Now, I’m not gonna say you need to behead the next poor bastard that crosses you! (Never rely on the “Dixie said I could” defense at trial.) But you can, through the power of your mind, SILENCE voices that disturb you. Attention paid, the thoughts surrounding our lives has a much bigger impact on our living thane events themselves.  That’s great news, because WE can direct thoughts by conscious choice. We’re vibration generators, that way.

The critic doesn’t take up residence in your head unless your heart has doubts. The larger the doubts, the more ferocious the emotional reaction. It demands a heap of emotional energy to spare the bite of the insight. Here’s the catch – ever voice that disturbs, disrupts, or in any way interferes with your own piece of mind, it must have a chord that stirs, somehow resonates with your own voice. Once you understand this, you can silently thank the person who’s driving you nuts, for giving you feedback on where you need to re-align your energy.

You look for shifts to say in the feeling-good place. That’s your light. Not getting distracted or sidetracked, you can then make the best of whatever you’ve been blessed with. Coming from joy, gratitude, love-centered. Moving from reacting to environment toward understanding it, you can more honestly live it.

All roads lead back to who you are, and how your free will expresses it. This determines what you create by constructing a perspective, you’re writing a script for your subjective experience. External you don’t run, but inside, you always do. Your path, always.

What do you see in these cards?

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Queen of Swords, Rosetta Tarot, Ten of Pentacles

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  1. Holy cow..”Attention paid, the thoughts surrounding our lives has a much bigger impact on our living than events themselves.”…so…true..!!

    :turtle: :rainbow: :turtle:

    1. Agreed. I said that to a friend yesterday, concerning the energy used up, and the power given away (not power as in “I’m so much better than you,” but positive power).

      I think that’s what’s messed me up more than anything is regrets, and not being able to get that time back. I don’t miss the people who helped me to get there – even the one I thought I was in love with (especially him). It’s what was taken from me before. I saw someone ask elsewhere about cowardice, and that’s different from an actual anxiety disorder.. doesn’t mean it makes you feel any better about things.

      Anyway, great post. I’ve been thinking similar things, and the Queen of Swords is fitting for me today. I just wish I could be happy and go forward, rather than full of regret and wanting to be able to do it all over. I’m avoiding people who like to poke me, that’s for sure.

    1. Thanks, Josi! I need to rename it, I don’t like the name but I thought it was way cool to be able to easily look up transit times, especially moon moment. I’ve been looking for publicly available Google calenders that have this kind of info on them.

    1. I re-read this and loved it,
      “All roads lead back to who you are”

      Going thru a big change in my life I finally feel I’m where I belong. And now I can freely project myself, my free will and free speech! :rose: :peace:

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