September 16

Queen of Swords Reversed: Be a Chill Cat


I was contemplating a hawk feather I found, a while back. A redtail gifted me perfect feather, maybe a foot long? I literally gasped when I saw it.

Hawks fly high and have keen eyesight. The combination confers perspective.

They see from a broader view. One of the first posts I wrote here was a hawk meditation, more or less.  Okay, Eagle but same idea. They’re brothers in the air, alright?

So I’m trying to follow the hawk’s example. When I am looking about, I’ve been asking myself, what’s the broader view?

I’m discovering, if you keep backing up for the broadest view you can reach, you always end up at love.

How cool is that, anyway?!

It’s never a bad time to take a broader view. And Tarot agrees.

The inverted Queen of Swords (kitty) says to me, no need for sharp words. No need to criticize. Step back a bit and look for a broader perspective.

There’s beauty to be found everywhere and you can access it, if you can take a high enough perspective. You don’t have to understand anyone to wish them well. You don’t have to agree with anyone to love them. Hell, you can have love for those you have never met and never will, if you’re able to access that broader perspective.

But even those times when you don’t? It’s okay. We get to give ourselves the same gifts. Kindness. Freedom from criticism.  Love.

It’s a good time to keep your head on straight and give yourself plenty of breathing room. It’s a good time to appreciate what you like and ignore what you don’t. It’s a good time to the world off the hook for making you happy, because it never really was their job anyway.

[bctt tweet=”Happiness is an inside job. #Always ” via=”no”]

Your happiness, your job. Which is awesome, because nobody else is better suited! And their happiness, their job. It works out perfectly that way.

This week, your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to be one chill cat. Let the freaking out do what the freaking out will do, while the chill cats do what the chill cats will do.

Chill cats are more fun, hun.  ♥

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