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07/21/13: Ignoring Momma / Queen of Pentacles Rx


rx-queen-of-pentaclesSo, if my kids had followed all my advice over the years, they would have skipped out on a LOT of pain. Right? I’m a parent. I know this. In my entirely un-humble opinion, they’d be hard-pressed to legitimately argue the point.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean would have been better off to always cash in on the stash of parenting gold. Assuming Hell freezing over didn’t throw us into a planetary Ice Age and kill us all, said children would have missed out on a LOT of irreplaceable learning experiences.

Because there’s hearing words, and there’s living life. Tarot Swords may be able to learn from words but here in the suit of Tarot Pentacles, it’s all about the living bit.

Funny to see the reversed Queen of Pentacles right after running up against the reversed King of Pentacles. Mom cannot fix this, either! Seriously. Don’t be looking for a back-door into somebody else’s business today; it will backfire! No handing out tickets to the Guilt Trip Express. No heavy sighs of martyrdom, no dropping hints. Indirect, duplicitous communication or hidden agendas all are highly ill-advised right now.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. It’s fine—beyond fine, even awesome!—to have someone’s best interests as heart. That’s what Mommas do, including Tarot Mommas. But I have to acknowledge, what I personally want and what’s “best for everybody” are not necessarily one and the same, even if it seems clear from an objective standpoint.

Knowing the ultimate life path of everybody is beyond us mere mortals. I know what I can see and feel, but I don’t know what the bigger picture or deeper lessons go. I can speak my piece (ONCE) but when it comes to somebody else’s life, how much is it really about me?

Take care of yourself first, still. (‘Cause I suspect some of y’all didn’t quite hear that yesterday.) It’s fine to make your case. Just do it honestly and with the compassion you naturally feel, no “ends justify the means” bullshit because that may come back to bite you in the ass.

And then? Get back to your own business!

Are you feeling the urge to meddle?

Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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Queen of Pentacles, Tarot Illuminati

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