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01/03/14: Little Steps & Many Moons / Patience


Queen Pentacles“Patience” here is another word for this Queen of Pentacles. See the moon cycling above her head? She’s way preggers. But this takes time. Nobody is growing a baby or a garden overnight…

Here at the beginning of the New Year (and right after a New Moon in Capricorn), I’m thinking a lot of people have their intentions for the coming year in mind. I know I do! With this Queen’s appearance, I’d add the word “patience” to your action plan. Don’t expect overnight miracles. Understand the natural cycle of life, the ebb and flow of planting and growth.

So often, we focus on the end result and may feel inadequate, frustrated or otherwise let down because we haven’t achieved it already or it seems so far off. If we can learn to celebrate the cycle itself and plug into the joy of becoming with each intention, the entire process turns into a magical metamorphosis instead of a angst-filled “hurry up and wait” exercise.

The other thing I’m reminded of looking at this lovely queen: her maternal nature arrives well before the baby. It’s not the birth of the child that turns her into a mother like a switch being flipped. It’s the transformation she makes throughout the process that creates her status as mother. It’s not a “being” thing so much as it’s a “becoming through doing” thing.

The benefit is that she gets time to adjust. Her transition is smoother because she can attune to her changing status in the process.

Putting this into ideas you can use today:

  • Think of changes as process, not events. Celebrate the flow of becoming, realizing it’s no less valuable than the end result of being. It’s what makes the being part possible.
  • Notice and acknowledge small changes. Those small changes add up to create the big changes!
  • Little steps are enough. Little steps matter. The trick is, you just keep making them!
  • Expect big changes to take many moons. If you go in with that mindset, the small delays are not disruptive.

Every single major shift I’ve ever made has required this type of approach. At certain points, there is more dramatic progress that shows, but getting there is almost always a combination of little steps and many moons.

Do you see your intentions manifesting over “many moons”?

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Osho Zen, Queen of Pentacles

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  1. A very good post. I think it is healthy to stay focused and be patient at the same time. Also not to have to many goals which will only distract you.
    And, for me very important.: don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go as planned, Be flexible and adjust you goals.

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