November 27

Queen of Wands: Where to look for “Real”


I try to take a higher perspective, wherever I can find it. Sometimes I get wound up and it takes a while for me to remember to look, though.

That means I don’t care so much about what is usually called “reality.” I don’t care. Do. Not. Care. I’m not looking for some kind of joint, everybody-agrees, single worldview to forge. I care about how I live my own role, not the consensus.

It gives me more opportunity to shape my internal experience. What does this energy feed me? How might I digest it into something useful? How might I consider this in a way that serves me? Is considering it at all serving me?

That’s the kind of vibe I’m getting here for navigating the days ahead. Live your own role and give space to others living theirs.

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook is the Queen of Wands. Advice is reversed Three of Swords along with Hanged Man reversed. Deck is Legacy of the Divine.

I’d expect a week full of strong feelings and opinions. That Queen of Wands it not wishy-washy! There may be disputes or at least passionate debate.

People will most likely mean well, though, even if there is strong dissention. That’s helpful to remember. I may think someone is really, really wrong, but if I keep in mind they are responding to what they believe is right, it’s easier for me not to take it personally.

Don’t overreact–it’s not all over. Even if you’re not sure the gap can be bridged, no matter. It doesn’t need to be traversed right this minute.

Just take a step back and breathe. Continue doing “you.” That’s always enough. That is the only “real” you need. Live in your movie and seek to make sense of it all in the way that best supports YOU.

The fire dies down eventually, and you’ll be grounded and ready to reconnect then.

Stay safe. sane (and yes, sassy) out there, friends!

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Queen of Wands, The Hanged Man, Three of Swords

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