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02/11/13: Sticking to the List / Queen of Swords


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Ah, the Queen of Swords: she’s immensely practical, rational and efficient. Some would bill her as an all-out bitch, but unless she’s inverted (i.e. something is wrong), or I’m getting a messed-up vibe from her for some other reason, I do not. Just like every single other member of the Tarot court, she has her place, you know? There is a place for her energy.

To use the high vibration of the Queen of Swords, take a step back. Detach, release and evaluate. Her counsel is best sought when you need a clear mind and a rational conclusion. Don’t be afraid to downsize, eliminate or cut free, as these are her favored methods of achieving.

Deciding a problem ceases to be a problem by determining it doesn’t really matter would be a Queen of Swords task. Firing a troublemaker, streamlining objectives, prioritizing, evaluating outcomes based on predetermined criteria, or making a pros and cons list are all examples of Queen of Swords solutions.

While the Queen of Cups can get impossibly mired in the blur of emotions leading to crying jags, or the Queen of Wands may be ranting and raving (passionately, of course!), or the Queen of Pentacles may be overwhelmed with worry over the needs of everyone (else), the Queen of Swords is forever checking items off her to-do list. And she pretty much always has a list, organized by priority! How else would she know what’s the most important tasks to accomplish, after all?

Her keyword is discrimination. Call upon her energy to decide what problems are truly yours, what priorities will best serve your goals, and how to slice through obstacles. She shows up to help you just get it done! So don’t put it off. She doesn’t have much use for procrastination.

Can you use the Queen of Swords’ help?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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Cosmic Tarot, Queen of Swords

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  1. Specifically: “Deciding a problem ceases to be a problem by determining it doesn’t really matter” Ha! Hahahaha!!!! PROBLEM SOLVED!

  2. It’s a shame that intelligence and rationality are still associated with being a bitch. This queen is magnificent. Being the cups type by nature, I always benefit when I add this queen to the mix.

    1. I wonder if people are sometimes threatened by her lack of sentimentality. First of all, a lot of the people who wade in the woo-woo are a lot more Cups types than Swords. And secondly, when this chick says “No” she means it!

  3. I am so using this energy today. I’m working on my to do list one thing at a time! Some are way overdue (hello dentist) & others are just the mundane but necessary.

    I see the white dove so I need to use this energy while keeping peace and not just bulldozing my way through things.

    Thanks for the info!!

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