August 12

08/13/13: Detach and Prioritize / Queen of Swords



One of the things emergency workers learn in training is to tune out individual cries for help at the scene of a mass tragedy. It may seem cold, but in reality detachment and control is required for them to focus on their jobs, doing what needs to be done to save the most people. The same principle would often be true of doctors or counselors or people who work any number of difficult jobs. Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of feelings until after the job is done.

This is the energy of the Queen of Swords. She cares, but she also has a job to do. And sentimentality will not help her do it.

Her ability to say “No”—and what’s more, to enforce it—is probably part of the reason she has such a reputation as a bitch. But she’s not, not really. Yes, she does have the capacity to be chilly, but usually not without cause.

On good days, she’s rational, fair and focused. You couldn’t ask for more efficiency. On bad days, may be critical and sarcastic. This is what you can expect if you don’t appreciate her sacrifices or become an obstruction. But she excels at slicing through obstacles, cutting down to the bare essentials, and identifying what really matters.

Call upon her energy if you need help saying “no,” eliminating dead weight, simplifying, or if  overwhelmed. She can help you perform surgery on the painful and infected sections of your life. She can help you detach enough to deal with the crisis at hand without becoming overwhelmed.

Like the Queen of Wands, she is a very strong woman. But her strength is not made of the Wands passion, but the Swords detachment. So take a step back today and see if she can serve you.

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Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

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Gilded Tarot, Queen of Swords

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