December 11

Queen of Pents Rx: Peace and Pitstops


How are you faring?

People I’m talking to are doing okay, if feeling a bit beat up anyway. As in, I think this is a widespread phenomenon. I know the feeling, too.

It’s sort of like pulling into your driveway after a long, hard day of travel. Maybe you’re sore or sad or worried. Whatever it is. You’re home now. You’re glad to be home. But it feels more like being “okay for now” than anything else.

You know the feeling I’m talking about, right?

I’m there. The folks I’m talking to are, to some degree or another, also there. Here’s hoping Mars going direct helps! (January 12). I mean, it will. I know it will. But in the meantime…

Next Week in the Cards

Both these cards came inversed but were turned upright for photographing. Outlook is “Flowering,” aka Queen of Pentacles Rx. Advice is the Fool Rx. Cards from Osho Zen Tarot.

There’s a sense of having trouble, getting needs met. Not completely, but consistently. Self-care can fall by the wayside when the ground beneath you just isn’t solid. That’s the vibe this week. Close, almost, but also temporary situations for meeting needs. It’s got a very “good enough for now” feeling to me.

Advice? Don’t do anything rash or rushed in trying to tie down what isn’t quite there yet. Be interested in options but remain healthy skepticism and just don’t jump off the cliff until you have peeked over the side to know what the jump is like. You dig?

We’re still traveling here, looking to find our way along the path. While things aren’t so settled, there will still be pitstops along the way, pockets of relief and joy and comfort. Stop and fill up! Then you’ll be ready to take the next leg of the journey, well-rested and with full (metaphorical or literal) bellies.

Be happy for what breathers, relief and support you get and especially, take full advantage of them! Those little moments of warmth and replenishment matter and help you to move forward more easily and comfortably.

Prioritize your peace. Then you can see the answers that will move into clearer focus. When you’re clearer, the insight is as well.

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Osho Zen Tarot, Queen of Pentacles, The Fool

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