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Everyday Tarot, 05/06/11: Strength through Feelings & Queen of Cups


mystic-dreamer-tarot-card-queen-cups“You’re emotions are not a weakness. They are your strength,” my husband says to me, in midst of a particularly messy meltdown. On top of the issue (which I no longer remember), I was supremely upset with myself for not having control over those emotions! My Saturn (limits) is hooked up with Pisces (feelings), so I work (Saturn) very hard on maintaining control (Saturn). Um…it’s an ongoing project.

I took a lot of comfort, because I find it true. I also heard myself telling a client the same recently over “losing it.” Feelings are indeed a strength I wouldn’t want to be without, despite the cost sometimes of having so damn many of them.

Today’s Tarot is the Queen of Cups, associated with Water in Water. This is an emotional gal! Like all queens, her focus is often felt inwardly, or perhaps within her inner circle, in a very yin fashion. You’ll see her  during periods of heavy emotional processing, actively building intuitive skills, or even starting therapy. Matters of emotional import speak most clearly to her. Dreaminess and ethereal knowing are her domain.

Much like working with muscles builds strength, working with feelings builds insight. If you are hearty enough to weather the turbulence, you can get past the impact t0 see more clearly, deeper and better than you could ever hope to not allowing direct access to your heart.

The Queen of Cups knows it’s through emotion we connect by opening up the channel. It’s through feeling anther’s pain, or joy, or fear, or wonder that we broaden our own world. She would have us let those feelings wash in, allow and sit with them, seeing exquisite beauty and exquisite pain as all part of the very same force. Without them, life is flat and dull. With them, yes, we can feel discomfort, but that potential also carries the potential for ecstasy. You  have to let one in to allow for the other.

golden-compass-astrology-tarot“Feelings” are also the main source of intuitive insight. If you shut down your feelings, you’ve shut down your radar. Whereas the more you attend to your feelings, the sharper your intuitive radar becomes. Emotional flux becomes a reliable guidepost for taking stock, finding gratitude, processing loss and finding direction.

The message today is to welcome feelings, and look for what they are there to tell you. By allowing them, you get direct access to the best possible compass you could ever hope to find— a spiritual compass. The needle might waver for a minute when the signal is especially strong, but it’s never completely off. Let it guide.

Do you find emotions a hindrance or strength?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot (Book & Cards)
by Heidi Darras

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  1. “Emotions” – are you freaking kidding me?? I’m trying to stay off the Emotional Gerbil Wheel right now! BREATHE & BACK AWAY – IT’S NOT MINE!

    “Feelings” – these are different to me, as in “I feel this will happen & see signs everywhere”! However, I also know just because I “see” them doesn’t mean they’re really there, sometimes it means I look too hard.

    “Do you find emotions a hindrance or strength?” I guess we’ll see if I can keep my emotions (and mouth) in check when I go to church tomorrow!!!

    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

    1. I have absolutely confidence in your ability, CancerMom! Besides, reporting what you’d like to have said will make for hilarious dinner conversation afterward.

  2. Feelings are totally necessary…however, tempering them with logic is also essential for they can get out of hand for me otherwise. Thanks Dixie

  3. The Queen of Cups… ah yes. I have a lot to say about the Queen of Cups.

    Last year at some point I was thinking of learning Tarot. I didn’t get very far because as I got into it, I felt it was too soon. I still had so much to learn about some other things on my mind and I didn’t want to take on yet another obsession. I put it aside and out of my head, knowing I’ll probably get back into it when the time is right.

    But I did go through the meanings of the cards briefly, to get a general idea of the symbolism.

    When I read the interpretation of the Queen of Cups, I immediately recognized it. “This is my card!” It was a very strong feeling. I didn’t get this feeling with any of the other cards. I associate it with my Scorpio Moon in 12th, Pisces house. Water in Water. And it also probably has something to do with my IC in Pisces, EXACTLY square my Moon. I *knew* what this card stood for and what it felt like. It was familiar to me. It has taken me some time but I do understand now how she’s not my enemy, she’s my friend, my guide, she helps me.

    How cool that she chose to be in your reading for today

  4. Yes, I have to always watch out for the high tide. If it becomes too strong, I can be just swept away and be left floating in the middle of the ocean. It has happened a couple of times and it’s so difficult to get back to the shore. My Sun and my Venus in Taurus, in the Virgo house, they’re my anchor.

  5. ” You’ll see her during periods of heavy emotional processing, actively building intuitive skills, or even starting therapy ”

    uhhhhh just made an appointment with a therapist today.

    you were spot on!!

  6. That’s very sweet of your husband to say that, Dixie. You’re very lucky. Unfortunately, all I ever find is men who think that I’m too emotional.

  7. I know I’m responding to this late, but I’m just now delving into your posts. Thank you for this. I’ve always felt this way and someone who was once significant in my life was actually very hostile to the idea of self-examination and processing feelings. He actively avoided it as a conscious choice. I think it’s because he could only see the hard work and not the rewards of it, and for him, it was too intangible and esoteric. But for me, it goes beyond the “rewards” of intuition, because I find intuition to be more than just a reward for hard work; it’s a very crucial and necessary thing in my life. It’s also pretty concrete for me, and not so intangible. If I avoid the process, it comes back to me in a very tangible way, for sure.

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