April 10

9 of Cups (Rx) and 7 of Swords (Rx): Protecting Your Optimism


I’m in kind of an in-between space right now. Which is fine. There is plenty of transition in my life. Some will bring challenges for sure, but I feel good about where I’m going and confident of my choices.

But there is plenty–some might even say the majority–of this enterprise that’s being taken on faith right now.  I can look at the beginnings here and focus one what I’m mostly happy about. Or I could look at the very same beginnings and focus on what I’m afraid of not going right.

I’ve noticed people have tendency to lean one way or the other in those “taking it on faith” endeavors. I am an optimist to the core of my being. Not everyone is. I recently talked to one of those who isn’t…I don’t think it’s super helpful to adopt this person’s worries and raise them as my own.

So through the transition process, there will be visions of where I’m going that I’ll be keeping to my optimistic self, just because I know how important it is to protect that energy. What I do share with anyone will be in my own way, on my own terms. It will be accurate, but not necessarily complete.

Next Week in Tarot

These cards came in reversed, but I flipped them for photographing. The outlook is the (reversed) Nine of Cups, with advice as the (reversed) Seven of Swords. These are from the gorgeous and evocative Star Tarot Deck.

It’s not unusual for the weekly forecast cards to remind me of my personal life. These ones certainly do.

I like seeing the Nine of Cups for a forecast, inverted or not. This spells improvement–things might not be exactly as you wished. Okay, they just won’t be. The world may not be perfect for sure, but there is plenty to be content with if you’re looking for things to be content with.

With advice as a reversed Seven of Swords, I’d say be direct about your motivations and plans. This does NOT mean you need to broadcast every little detail. Far from it. We are working with a Tarot seven; the sevens generally demark a solo journey of some sort. So you can keep some of the finer points buried and probably should. But whatever you do put out there, make sure it’s clear and true.

It’s a really good time to refine your vision and your hopes and wishes. You don’t have to have a full plan on how it will come to be. We’ve got to let the universe do it’s share of the heavy lifting, since it’s so much better at it than we are.

But whatever plans you do have, let yourself feel enthused about them and keep the naysayers at a safe distance from your heart’s desires. That’s how you stay on course with your optimistic mojo.

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Nine of Cups, Seven of Swords, Star Tarot

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