December 25

Star & Messenger: Promises and Plans


“Hope for the best, plan for the worst,” was the advice my friend gave me.

It seems sound enough advice, except I haven’t been at all sure what the “best” and the “worst” of the situation would look like. It’s hard to plan for what you can’t really envision. That is more or less the issue that was generating anxiety. It’s more about the unknowns than the specifics at this point.

In a way, though, I realized I can still anchor, regardless of unknowns.

I have zero control over how anyone decides to receive my energy. That’s a big, fat variable and I cannot even begin to manage it with multiple people involved. I am not at all sure I’d have a right to do so, even if it were possible.

I can only control the energy I bring. So if I set out from a loving place, letting my heart and good intentions drive every moment, then everything else becomes irrelevant. Others can accept what I’m offering or not. That’s not up to me so why try to navigate that? Attempting to navigate the impossible makes one crazy (and not in the fun-at-parties way).

The important thing, here and always, is making sure I can live with myself. I want to feel good about myself. I know I can feel good about living in love. So basically, that is the whole of my plan. As long as I stay rooted in love, I’ll have no regrets.

Next week, you might form a plan. It might also be wise to make your plan sort of like this if you can, centered on what you want to offer, and not so much what anyone else does. Self-driven plans are much more practical to execute.

Next Week in the Cards

The outlook this week is generously provided by The Star, with advice via the Messenger of Air, aka the Page of Swords. Pictured here from the by-now-familiar Good Tarot deck.

I like seeing the Star for the outlook. The star heralds optimism. She shows up when you at least have the option of expecting things to go well.

I will always be quick to clarify, the Star is not a PROMISE everything will turn up sunshine and roses. She’s the bearer of hope, not final proclamations. The good news is, her hope is always a realistic one. A fresh new beginning is among the potentials present in a given moment, or the Star doesn’t come out to shine. So yes, I like to see her in a forecast.

In the role of advice giver, this Messenger is quite good at giving advice. His domain is Swords, the suit of thought and communication. Right now, he’d tell you there is useful insight to be had if you are ready to hear it.  In other words, be alert for messages and messengers of all kinds.

The form a message takes is going to be suited to the recipient. They can show up in the unlikeliest places and be delivered by the unlikeliest of messengers. So don’t dismiss a message out of hand because it doesn’t come from the corner you’d expect.

Attune to what you hear just a little “louder” in your head. Act on that passing urge. Allow yourself whatever quiet and space it takes to clear your mind of the chatter so you can be present. As a bonus, you may even be the bearer of some good messages–the willing and clear-headed sometimes get drafted into service as messengers.

Planning is fine to do. This page is a planner. He thinks things through. But make your plans the flexible kind, okay? Center them on what YOU can do, especially energetically. Anything else is just fooling yourself.

Also be open to the opportunities and new possibilities that may show themselves around this time. Ultimately, it could turn out better than anything you’ve planned.

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Good Tarot, The Star

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  1. I found your page while searching for the spiritual meaning behind the grackles that were flying overhead. The universe certainly knew what was in my heart because in two days, I am leaving a location that I have called home for 58 years, to a new chapter(hell, it’s going to be a new book!) in Alaska. The synchronicities have been bombarding me for the past few weeks as I get closer to my departure date, so I know I am on the right path… but that damn inner nagging ego makes me question what I intuitively believe. After seeing your reading for December 25th, I am thanking the universe once more for the signs that I am receiving and I will put my doubt into the netherworlds. Grateful for your content and the awareness you share!

    1. Wow! That sounds both exciting and terrifying at the same time, Suella! I sincerely hope it becomes an exciting and rewarding new book in your life. Thanks for the kind words about my work here. Always appreciated. Be well! ♥

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