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03/04/13: Confused? Wait for it… / Princess of Cups rev



Who’s sick of the Pisces stellium? It’s murky, murky, murky out there with all this fishy energy.

If the squishy, nebulous vibe in the world at large makes you insane, take heart! Before the end of the month, it will be largely dissipated. (Ha, ha, that’s an astrology joke. Pisces dissipates! I’m probably the only one laughing but I don’t know it, so it’s all good.)

But for today, we’ve got the Page of Cups reversed.

To me, this is saying, “Huh?” It’s confusion. Details are not clear! Emotional reactions may be centered on fantasy more than reality, because right this minute, it appears impossible to tell the difference.

While that in an of itself may be annoying, it’s highly useful information to have. If you don’t like your world, chill! Withdraw, detach, meditate, distract, and most of all, WAIT. This is not static, moods are soon to be shifting but in an unpredictable manner.

Don’t sign the dotted line today. Don’t force any round pegs into square holes. In fact, don’t force anything, and don’t react out of emotional impetus. Because whatever it is that seems so compelling right now will likely be changing before tomorrow.Wait for the ground to firm up before stepping out.

So if you feel an emotional wave coming on today, either take a break or if you cannot, grab your surfboard and ride it out. It will pass, and probably fast. Okay?

Is your day feeling like this?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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Page of Cups, Zodiac Tarot

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  1. I just told somebody last night “I can’t make sense of all this…” because there are so many memories of multiple crises. My mom, my kid, crazy mean people that I know. I’m trying to erase my memory of any negatives. That was my goal for today. I’m going to focus on healthy stuff, like green juice, yoga stretches and meditation. I will now incorporate the word WAIT.

    Thanks for the clarity about fog…

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