May 24

05/24/12: Digging it Out of the Gut | Prince of Cups


star-tarot “The more you put your emotions into your work and your writing, the more you unshield, the more powerful it is.” – My Astrologer

She’s absolutely right. The more guts you put in, the more raw emotion, the bigger the punch. Work becomes branded with the energy signature as it was created. he deeper and more authentic the feeling, the the deeper and clearer it’s mark.

This is exactly the Prince of Cups (aka Knight). Air in Water, he communicates (Air) from his heart (Water). Emotion is his power source, and all that emanates from him is saturated in it. He feels. Boy, does he ever! Sometimes, he feels a whole more than he’d like.

I may meet up with him around mixed feelings, quick-shifting circumstances or mood swings.  Knights are a bit impulsive. But they are also idealistic expressions of their suit. So when you see one of these guys, you may be well served to check your frame of reference and make sure you know your objectives. That helps keep the focus intact.

Well-supported, his energy can be like the high of new love: exhilarating, boundless and even giddy. Under stress, he can stomp in as an over-sensitive child who seems to have missed his nap. A lot of his character is set by the thoughts you cultivate around emotional experience.

The Price has a lot to show us, if we’re prepared to sign on for the ride. Strap yourself in, because sometimes there’s a spot of turbulence. But he’ll deliver you in the end, to the place your heart wants to go. You just have to have to let the heart lead you there.

You have the Prince of Cups energy in your life?

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Knight of Cups, Rosetta Tarot

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  1. Digging it out of your gut. I really didn’t have to go beyond the title with this one, because that is exactly where I am. But, of course, I did go beyond the title because I love your mercurian self

    Yes, The Prince has definitely made his presence known today

    :island: :moon: :rainbow:

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