June 3

06/03/12: The Parents You Got | King of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles, Ace of Wands



I always think of the King and Queen of Pentacles as the “lesser” Tarot parents. If the Emperor and Empress are the ultimate Tarot Mom and Dad, perhaps the idealized parents we see as children (or wish we did!), the King and Queen of Pentacles are the parents you actually got. Pentacles are  what physically manifests, real life flesh and blood.

And that Ace of Wands there, in between the two of them? That’s what they built together. It’s the gestalt of their union, what they created as a unit neither would have made alone. It’s the alchemy between them, their composite, that sets the stage for the family.

I’m feeling this lunar eclipse like gangbusters. It’s showing up as Mommy issues, Daddy issues with some baby issues in between. The air is saturated in who loves whom, who supports whom, and  who acknowledges whom. Are the parents good enough? Are the children? What did that family unit create?

Your parents probably impact your sense of identity more than any other people alive, for good or ill, and it’s not always a clear cut call, which it is. Hardship and struggle can give positive gifts as well as unwelcome ones. It’s all in what you do with it. Clarity about who you are and what you want in your life is your job to take, using whatever you have to work with as tools. If you’ve got lemons, you know what to do with ’em. No point in just standing around with a sour look on your face when you can open up a stand and make a buck or two off of it.

Are you seeing this, too?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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  1. Oh my goodness. That made such a beautiful picture..did it not? How rich it looks. Yes, I’m seeing this. It’s a marriage of opposites of sorts. Coming together and kindling a common fire. Kinda like seeing that two opposite forces working together create much more energy than two opposite forces pulling away from eachother. Does that make sense? You can create more (have more energy to spare) if you work together toward something versus expending energy to pull away and trying to create something on your own.

    I love this Dixie
    :lion: :sheep2:

  2. Picture is ASTOUNDING! He looks sheepish while she looks um… CRUEL!

    I agree with take what you have to work with but you have to know the REALITY of what you have. Yep this eclipse is a mother f***er, then again maybe not. The realization may be painful yet isn’t the truth what we really want? The REAL truth not the story one was told.

    Lemonade and vodka yummmm! It’d be nice to figure out how to make a buck or two off this one.


    1. My experience is that those things that are motherf***ers are, ultimately, good things, because it clears the decks of BS and confusion. It changes the game completely.

      That Tower card we just got is totally RIGHT ON for what I’m seeing out there right now…hang on, it’s gonna be one HELL of a ride, that’s what I’m thinking…

  3. Ya, the truth is exposed!

    Mom and our issues, which date back to age 2 1/2 for me, are currently causing much angst. I was able to ignore the problems for most of my life, but they are in my face again, rudely saying “look at me… I will not be ignored!”

    It will take a boatload of added carbs to sweeten these lemons.

    I read that siblings come into play with the eclipse as well, and that has
    been true also. Rudeness.

    Ya, who loves whom. That’s the question. And how can I see this history and situation as a gift…

    Here’s for Dixie… :rose:

    1. Thank you, Sofie!

      Very interesting about siblings. I don’t know exactly what the eclipse is or isn’t supposed to do, but I sure as Hell know what I’m seeing, both my Tarot people and in my personal life. It’s intense right now for a lot of people.

      I am just kind of in awe, when the energy gets all charged up the way it is. Any little thing I can offer to help, I want to.

      I also think I’m spiking that lemonade! :drink:

      Much love to you and yours, m’dear.

      1. Thanks!!!

        I just can’t remember ever having this much anger.


        It’s just not like me.

        Yes, ever increasing respect for celestial alignments…

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