March 27

4 of Wands: Participate with Self-Respect


I was chatting with a friend about dealing with folks that are…disrespectful, I suppose? That seems like the word I want, but it includes some connotation-baggage that I don’t.

Not ill-intentioned disrespectful. Not outright rude. I’m talking about people who make it clear in one way or another, they firmly believe we should be someone besides the person we actually are.

Sometimes, people have grace surrounding others that have different perspectives and paths. But other times, it feels more like tolerating or at best, holding back when they want so much to change you.┬áThat is what I mean by disrespectful–not in a general, unpleasant-person sense, but in this very specific, not-honoring-you-as-you-are sense.

Whenever this comes up, there’s always the question of how to deal with it. What do we hope to accomplish? How do we maintain our preferred countenance while not sacrificing our own sensibilities?┬áThe cards for the coming week echoes these themes.

Sounds sort of like a Full Moon in Libra, doesn’t it?

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook is the Four of Wands, with advice as the reversed Hermit and modified by reversed Justice. Cards are pictured from the Tarot Illuminati.

The Four of Wands points to some sort of “happening,” as they say. It can be a celebration, but isn’t necessarily by any means. Currently, I’m reading this as a week full of conversations, situations or otherwise meaningful and/or necessary events.

The reversed Hermit suggests we don’t isolate or wait until we feel we’ve got it “all figured out.” Justice coming in reversed as clarifier echoes the thought. We’re not to wait for the verdict to come down (or expect things to become perfectly fair and balanced) in order to proceed.

In short, you don’t need RESOLUTION to remain active participant. Successful navigation of the world does not require everyone be on the same page. And thank God it doesn’t or we’d all be screwed!

What we do now is show up, remain present and fully centered within ourselves. Self-respect guides us here. Don’t ruminate over anything outside the scope of who you are and rings true to you. If you do, you’ll find others will either rise to the occasion or will fade away gradually from you awareness. There is no other outcome.

Say grounded out there, friends!

Peace out.
~Dix (the Zen Goddess)

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