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03/23/13: Seeking Passion in Work / Page Wands



“Yes, you need passion!  Contentment is awesome, appreciating what you have is great, but you can use contentment as a comfortable place to be, a springboard to support you while you’re seeking what truly makes your heart sing.”

I was talking to a friend about her work. She is in a comfortable place, and there’s not a thing wrong with being content. I’m glad! But it does have one disadvantage compared to the less blessed, in that there’s less impetus to make changes and grow.

If you want more than a paycheck—passion, excitement, personally fulfilling work—it has to be sought, or at the very least recognized when the opportunity comes to town. If you’re too busy saying, “Yeah, but…,” you may just miss the boat.

“Playfulness” is the Osho Zen deck’s Page of Wands. While this isn’t my favorite rendition (clowns are SO creepy!), the point isn’t lost to my clown-aversion. Whatever you create, you are infusing your own energy into that creation.

The magic here is coming from a passionate heart, a sense of fun and lightheartedness. Transparent rainbow clothes give a peek at the person underneath. Whatever art she makes in this headspace, whatever words she writes or pictures she paints or house she builds, whatever she does, it is will accurately reflect WHO she is, and carry that vibration from within her.

Joy is one of your most reliable compasses for achievement. Sure, we do some things because we feel we have to do them; that’s being a grown up. But the more time and energy you can populate with activity that brings deep joy, the closer you’re living in alignment with your true self. That is how people achieve great things. It’s not by being someone else! It’s by being more of their true selves, by personifying the love, the magic, the divinity that resides within.

If you don’t know where to start, consider “Playfulness” a clue. What is it that is fun? When do you find yourself smiling and laughing and feeling at your best? Start right now, today, to do MORE of that “playing.” What you’re doing isn’t wasting time. It’s raising your vibration, activating your heart chakra (hello, magnetic energy)! Being happier is one way of literally shifting the nature of your reality. And you thought it was just screwing around, huh?

Having fun is not the same thing as being unproductive. Not only does it sharpen your mind, there’s a good chance any activity done playfully is it’s way MORE productive than what you force yourself through. As you add more of this to your life, you find more of it in your life.

I love learning about esoteric, using Tarot to solve problems and showing others how to do the same. This is FUN for me, this is what I’d do if I had complete freedom to do whatever I liked.  I started doing it for fun and eventually, it became my business and mission, as well as my passion. Pretty neat trick, I think!

Have you found your passion?

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Osho Zen, Page of Wands

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