January 16

01/16/13: Use Your Brain | Page of Swords


page-swordsWell, here we are—running with scissors! This Page of Swords is such a scamp, and he just kind of assumes everything will be okay. He flies through the house with that huge grin on his face and leaving his little smudgy fingerprints wherever he goes, not a care in the world.

I get him. I do.

He doesn’t mean any harm. And he has a certain simplicity about him, a faith that nothing can go wrong. Most of the time, that works pretty well.

But sometimes, things do go wrong. At the very least, they certainly CAN even if they don’t. He could at least grab those scissors by the business end and walk.

I run around with scissors all the time, like, say, just kind of ASSUMING I can do a major overhaul on my website without backing up the database first…har!

I could have used that advice yesterday, when I ran some more update operations on my site, trying to get the images fixed.


I know it’s been beyond scratchy out there lately, but we can work with this guy. We just have to remind him to THINK about what he’s doing.

Today for advice, I’m thinking about what we have told our kids for years, one of our very, very few house rules: No unnecessary risks.

Keep the faith, do your thing, but don’t take risks without payoff today. Just think it through. The page is more than capable of doing this. He just thinks so fast, he often is hopping off to the next topic before he’s fully finished with the last.

So slow down, breath, and think it through. You know how people tell kids to “use your words?” Today, it’s “Use your brain!”

Are you feeling like this guy here lately?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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Housewives Tarot, Page of Swords

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  1. I came to a pretty sharp conclusion this morning and after stating the fact and my intention to my husband, I said, “The swords are coming out to play today”
    LOL. Thanks for the validation!

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