September 4

Page of Wands and Queen of Swords Rx: Rough Draft


I think of myself as borderline notorious for the “we’ll figure it out as we go” approach. I may play with ideas but I don’t studiously chart my course out, no matter what the goal. What others may see as chaotic, I see as inspiration-driven.

Doesn’t “inspired” sound nicer than “crazy?”

But when you live this way, you’ve got to cut yourself slack when your inspiration doesn’t turn out quite like you might expect. You get the signs, you feel the steps but the ending doesn’t come together the way you expected.

It doesn’t mean you have screwed up. It means the whole is still taking shape. It means what you saw as an end game isn’t necessarily all there is to it. It’s merely an edit, a bullet point in the draft of your bigger story.

I’m not seeing completed manuscripts next week. I’m seeing rough drafts.

Next Week in Tarot

Outlook is the Page of Wands, with advice coming from a reversed Queen of Swords, pictured here from tthe Radiant Rider-Waite.

I can’t help but thinking the blurriness of this image provides yet another clue of the energy we’ve got on deck. (Beside, faulting “this crazy energy” sounds much better than blaming my sub-standard photography skills, don’t you think?)

The Page of Wands is definitely passionate and more than a little idealistic. That’s all fine and well, so far as it goes. We just sometimes forget how youth impacts interpreting a page.

Pages are children. Though this guy’s outlook may be bold and his heart full of fire, his vision isn’t necessarily mature or wise. Far from it. Anytime you’ve got a page weighing in, you can figure whatever he’s representing is relatively undeveloped. He’s not the tiny sprout of an idea as shown by an Ace, but he likewise cannot speak with the mature and well-defined voice of King, either. He could grow into a competent king, but he ain’t there yet.

Next week, expect passion to overrule logic. People may insist on emotional gratification without the clue one as to what form such gratification could take. Practicalities are dismissed summarily in the face of strong feelings. They may say, “I’ll know it when I see it,” but you can take that more precisely to be, “I’ll know it when I FEEL it.”

Now, the reversed Queen of Swords offers interesting advice. When this lady is not aright, we’re cautioned to be especially careful of becoming over-critical or harsh as these are some of her potential weaknesses. It would be very easy to do more damage than good by picking apart someone else’s position.

Upright, this queen is frequently responsible for sorting out solutions, ruling out what is unworkable or impractical from from sound strategies that ensure progress. But as she came in reversed, timing isn’t conducive to full critical analysis or insightful discrimination between the workable and problematic. There isn’t enough information or personal clarity to do the job right at present. Facts may slow to come in and remember, that (wound up) page is still running the show.

Your best bet here is allowing yourself a step back from and and all emotional fervor. Assume good intentions all around and stifle urges to attack others based on differing perceptions.

It’s that “happy or right?” question revisiting. Even if you’re completely right (and you certainly may not be under these conditions), you can still blow it all up by forcing conversations on those not yet receptive.

Whether you’re most strongly identifying with that Page or the Queen, consider this moment in time to be akin to presenting a rather rough draft of the final work. Get your outline organized clearly and do a little self-editing before sending your words out.

Much love, my friends. Stay safe and sane out there! And if you want a little support working out your own draft, hit me up for a personal consult. You know where to find me.

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Page of Wands, Queen of Swords, Radiant Rider Waite

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