January 15

Page of Swords: The Mind’s Mirror


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Now, onto our tarot talk.

Stuck in a Mental Loop?

My brain’s been on a merry-go-round lately, rehashing the same issues without any fresh insights. It’s pretty irritating, especially knowing these issues have been my companions for decades. And yep, I’ve got nobody else to blame for it. It’s all on me.

If you’re nodding along, feeling stuck in your own thought loop, this week’s cards are speaking directly to us.

Next Week in the Cards

This week, I’m consulting the Osho Zen deck. We’ve got ‘Mind’ as the Page of Swords for our outlook, and ‘Silence’ as the Star for advice. A fascinating duo, don’t you think?

‘Mind’ echoes our collective ruminations. It’s not just me; we’re all likely doing it.

But what’s the real message here? It’s not about others’ actions, though that’s where we tend to focus. It’s about the meaning we assign to these actions and our incessant mental wrestling for a feel-better resolution.

Remember, if your idea of feeling better hinges on making someone else get it, you’re building on quicksand.

Breaking the Cycle

So, how do we escape this mental hamster wheel? The key is to release the grip of whatever’s hogging our mental space. Meditation is a powerful ally in this journey. It’s not just about finding immediate solutions, but about stepping back and quieting the mind. In this stillness, something magical happens. As we let go of our relentless thought patterns, we create room for inspiration and divine guidance to flow in. It’s like opening a window for fresh air in a stuffy room.

This process of stepping back doesn’t mean we’re ignoring anything. Instead, we’re giving ourselves the space to breathe, relax, and allow a higher wisdom to whisper insights and solutions.

As we quiet the internal noise, we light up that spark of optimism that things will indeed work out, often in ways we couldn’t have imagined. It’s in these moments of calm and clarity that we often find the most profound answers and realize that sometimes, the universe has a better plan than the one we were so busy concocting.

But meditation isn’t the only escape route. Distracting ourselves with different thoughts or activities can also do the trick. For me, it’s been about shifting focus. Instead of getting tangled in feelings or fairness, I’m tuning into what makes me happy and protecting my boundaries. It’s a game-changer. It feels empowering and offers a way out of these mental traps.


As we step into the next week, let’s remember that our mental loops are like old records. They might be familiar, but they don’t have to define our present. By shifting our focus and finding our own ways to disengage from these loops, we empower ourselves.

Whether it’s through meditation, distraction, or a simple change in perspective, the key is to find what resonates with you. Here’s to breaking free from our mental merry-go-rounds and finding peace in the present moment.

What helps you to find silence and create space for new insights?

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