January 9

Page of Cups Rx: Heeding the Heartbeat


Thanks SO MUCH for all the condolences, good wishes, healing energy and general love you all have been tossing my way, both explicitly and empathically. It helps! Probably far more than you realize.

[Note to Zodiac Lookahead Folks: I’m slooooowly moving through these but I am making progress.  Thanks for your understanding. For any other type of sessions, please check with me first before placing an order.]

Next week’s cards are really speaking to me. Because I feel more than a little called out yet again, damn it.

Hell, it’s not just now. I’ve been dipping into iterations of this vibe for at least an eclipse cycle now.

While the details have varied, the overall energy has not. Brain didn’t provide clarity…far too many unknowns. Instead, I looked for what felt right in my heart.

We’re not talking a single, one-and-done type of decision. It’s been more of a following the soft, gentle homing signal to show me the way, step by step. Progress here is made in small but repeated steps. We keep following that heartbeat.

Next Week in the Cards

For outlook, it’s the Page of Cups reversed; advice is the Queen of Wands. Cards from the sassy and playful Housewives’ Tarot deck.

Note both the outlook and advice are court cards. People and their state – emotional, physical, stress levels and so on – will play significantly into perceptions. There very well may be a gap between how someone feels and how they present. Specifically, be aware of how a hidden sense of vulnerability may play into overall mix because it’s likely we’ll see some of that.

A reversed Page of Cups may be getting the message wrong, with perceptions taking strong flavor from current emotional state. Expect flux, too. Consider it like the weather in the Midwest: if you don’t like it right now, just wait a minute. It will change!

Maybe you’re worried. Maybe you’re scared. Maybe you’re mad. Maybe you’re relieved. Maybe you’re overwhelmed. Maybe you’re uncertain.

Probably, you’re uncertain. That’s the general at-large-vibe I’m getting in abundance right now. Not feeling on especially solid ground, fog in the distance and waiting for a light or a horn or just something to show up to indicate the way. Something to follow. A reassurance to ease back into.

Here and now is the time to be the Queen of Wands. She listens to her heart to guide her. Incidently, this is not going to be a brightly lit, neon sign of a sign we get. It’s much more subtle. Think a soft, steady heartbeat you can listen for, leading you a step or two in the direction you want to go.

Please also remember, the Queen of Wands is highly self-directed. She makes her own decisions, based on her own needs, desires and goals. She tries to manage her OWN life, not other people’s. Especially in times of uncertainty, this distinction is important. Every other individual you try to wedge into your decision-making tree with further murk up the scene, complicate matters exponentially and increase the confusion factor.

But here’s a seldom-recognized fact: following your heart will offer the most ultimately goodness, to the most people, anyway. It plugs you in to the bigger world, the Universe at large, and your spiritual support system. By taking yourself out of your head a little, you’re able to feel ethereal guidance much, much easier. It lets your radar fire more freely.

This next week just recognize lots of people (including you) may have lots of emotions. It’s hard to see rationally and objectively though all the feels. But if you clear your head, quiet down the din just a minute and listen to where your heart would lead you, guidance comes through like a soft, steady thumpity-thump, a heartbeat homing beacon.

Use that and it will not lead you astray.

Are you finding a heartbeat to follow in the fog?

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