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08/15/12: Emotional Resolutions | Page of Cups


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“Genius is the ability to renew one’s emotions in daily experience.” –Paul Cezanne

Ah, man. I’ve been a bit…emotional lately. Some flashbacks here and there, hard memories, squaring off with current, everyday life. What I want to create isn’t always what I have before me. Not that I’m complaining. (Well, okay. Maybe I am.) But these are the threads from which lessons are weaved. And we’ve got just the fellow to help.

Here is the lovely Page of Cups! Doesn’t it look like that fish is whispering to him the secrets of the sea? Fish swim in the depths of the water (i.e. intuitive and psychic information) and therefore have deep knowledge. And the Page can speak the fish’s language! He knows many secrets but he doesn’t necessarily understand them.

Associated with the element Earth (as a Page) in Water (suit of Cups), his specialty is manifestation of the emotional realm. He’s an artist, a dreamer and a lover. He’ll inspire and empathize, sometimes with feelings you didn’t even know you had He often shows up at the beginning of a new love relationship, and in that context can signal a strong, emotional bond is beginning to form. Pages are young energy.

But like of all the Tarot court, he’s not without challenges. Highly emotional and intuitive, he can also be over-sensitive or just plain moody. At times, he could use some of the Page of Pentacles’ practicality, or the Page of Swords’ discernment, or the Page of Wands’ toughness. No one suit has it all, after all.

As advice, the Page of Cups would have us listen closest to our hearts—our emotional responses serving as compass in making decisions. Meditation, praying, and seeking intuitive guidance would be potential expressions of his energy. Also writing it out, speaking to a loved one, or listening to music could be less etheric ways of tapping into his essence.

But also understand that FEELINGS are in major play. Rationality takes a back seat to emotions when this page is on deck, so factor that into the process. Waiting until the waves settle before committing may be in order. Since he is but a child, you can also expect the situation he speaks of to eventually mature. Consider whether the highest good would be best served by letting the Page of Cups grow up a bit.

So yeah, I know what I need to do for me. Pay attention to emotion and intuitive guidance always. But be ready to let the tide recede a bit at the same time and know, with some maturing, emotional clarity will come. Focusing primarily on emotions like love, hope and faith helps bring out the highest manifestation of the Page. I can do that.

Do you feel this Page’s presence?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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Page of Cups, Radiant Rider Waite

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  1. yep, sure does speak to me. sounds like saturn getting ready to go into scorp. and we will be FEELING that in this house.
    thanks for this and Blessed Be, Dixie

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