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01/04/13: Obsessed with the Fish | Page of Cups



Y’all know I love switching up my decks. The New Vision Tarot shows us the behind-the-scenes scene, literally. Today, it’s the Page of Cups backside we’re taking a gander at here…and we see what’s around him as he ganders whole-heartedly at that fish in a cup as it were the center of his universe.

Every time he finds a new fish, “This is ‘THE’ one,” he firmly declares.

And that’s the way it stays, until it’s not.

Because the Page of Cups is too immature to have himself a soul mate, although he thinks he does. Always! But what he’s really got is a crush.

Come to think of it, many of us have our own “fish”we treat like this page—an emotional obsession, object of our complete attention, focus of preoccupation. It may or may not be romantic. It may or may not be healthy or helpful. But what is that one thing (oh Lord, I hope you don’t have a barrelful), that ONE thing, that you never let go of, cannot divert from your attention from, the all-consuming worry or passion or drama or drive that you never blink away from?

Look at that. That’s your fish. Fish tend to change periodically, but a lot depends on the Page and the fish.

Questions to ask about your fish: is it really yours? Is it truly about your life, your business, your problem or your joy? Are you going to trip over something because you are too devoted to gazing upon your fish’s intricate scaliness? Are other parts of your life or your soul being fed or poisoned by this fishy relationship?

Do you have yourself a fish? Is it tasty?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

I haven’t taken down the Holiday Specials page yet, so you can get anything on there while it’s up. I will be removing the Chakra readings within a day or so, but will do the Zodiac 2013 Tarot Forecasts through the rest of January for anybody who wants one. I’ve gotten nothing but good feedback on them (and I even got to do one with the Housewives Tarot by request—how awesome is that?)!

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New Vision Tarot, Page of Cups

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  1. Oh my gosh. I am the fish! Or, at least I have been lately. And, I keep wanting to say, I’m not the fish you think I am! You are putting me on a great big pedestal and I’m a clutz. I’m gonna fall off! I’ll squiggle right out of the this cup, I’m telling you.
    And, yes. I have a fish. But, here’s the thing…I was that Page too! But, I’ve become much more discerning about what fish I focus on. And, finally..FINALLY I chose a good one. And, I decided once and for all, we are buddy fishes. This is what I want. The other fish agreed. So, we were to swim together, right? And, then the universe steps in and says..”Are ya sure this is the fish you want? Are ya sure this is the cup you want to swim in?” And I say, “YES!” Then, the universe says, “What if I do this?” And, I look over the edge of the cup..consider it and still say, “Yes.”
    Then, time after time, the same option comes..”Still want that fish? Still want to be that fishes fish?”
    Oh good grief. I know I’m not making any sense. But, just let me tell ya, being the fish in that cup ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. And, being that little naive Page isn’t either.

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