July 10

07/10/12: Leap of the Butterfly | Page and 8 of Cups


On my outside Zen/Sacred Garden coffee break, a tiny, black butterfly fluttered by.

“Are you here for me?” I asked, might have been aloud. Who knows? I was thinking, if he’s here for me, he should land on me. That’s so much more remarkable than just flying by.

I mean, I knew already he was here for me. He made himself…felt, you know? He flew around me slowly, deliberately. That’s how I recognize my animal messengers. They give confirmation in the form of a feeling.

But I still thought, it would be nice if he actually landed on me. Nice to have the external confirmation, too. And makes for a better story.

A few seconds later, he landed on my leg and sat there a good five minutes. Okay! Thank you, tiny little butterfly.


Here, we’ve got the Page of Cups (Earth in Water) and the Eight of Cups (Saturn in Pisces) from Osho Zen. What a beautiful, evocative rendition of these cards.

A long time ago, I was given a small plaque. It has a butterfly etching and the words, “Sometimes, you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down.” I loved it because it personifies how I intend to live. I felt very seen, you know. That’s exactly what Tarot is saying to me today.

If you want to CHANGE, to GROW, you’ve got to have the faith! Transformation doesn’t come without a surrender. Let go, follow the call of your heart and let those little drops of day-to-day concern melt away into the grander whole. Give your worries and complaints up to the divine so you can be free of their weight. Transcendence—not holding on to the old, the outworn, not bearing attachment to a particular outcome or worldview—is what makes transformation possible. Without the trust, we cannot let go.

Make no mistake—it IS work! But worthy work. Letting go is what grants freedom. I feel more free, every day I trust, every day I believe, every day I let go of my attachments and accept, in joy and gratitude, whatever life gives me. I can do this only if I hold the core belief, I get exactly what I most need.

Are you feeling (or seeing) these principles at work in your life?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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Eight of Cups, Osho Zen, Page of Cups

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  1. I LOVE messages from the spirit world, mine are usually birds Like the swallows flying outside my window yesterday (btw-thanks for helping me figure that out) or the 2 owls in 4 days owls that flew at me last November. Still trying to completely understand that one ?:-)

    Or the CONSTANT repeating numbers & being woken up 3 times in one week at exatly 3:33 a.m. Can’t they wait until morning to tell me, like a 5:55 message which is 5 minutes before my alarm-snort.

    I thoroughly enjoy ALL their messages, no matter what time of the day or night. I only wish I spoke bird or numbers better.

    Glad your butterfly said hello!

  2. Beautiful story, and this is exactly what I am going through right now, have been going through for several months. I just jumped, and will worry about the parachute later on. For now, I’m just free-falling and telling my body that it’ll be okay, it will all work out and flying is so much better than just sitting on the plane, all safe and comfy. Jumping doesn’t feel all too comfy but it’ll be better, I know it!

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