March 22

Old-School Ethics – Weekly Tarot Forecast, Mar 23 – 29


So how has this eclispsey astro-weather been treating you? I’ve been feeling a heightened emotionality all around…the vibrational air seems literally saturated with emotion, both personally and in the group consciousness. But this one didn’t kick my ass in my personal sphere as much as some do. Thank goodness! I did pull out my moldavite necklace just in case though. I always wear moldavite around eclipses, so if I get blindsided with a smack, I can move on quickly…it’s helped so much with that.

Looking at the week ahead, I’m struck by the number of Major Arcana cards here. It has a punch! I’d also very much advise to make all decisions this week with an eye towards your core values, sustainability, and what you want for the long haul. It’s not a good time to be taking shortcuts of any type, nor cutting corners, fudging or lying. Those that don’t play it straight Monday may get a slap come the end of the week. By the weekend, you’ll likely see the wisdom of the old-school, do-it-the-right-way orientation.

Monday –  Temptation (The Devil): Make absolutely the same moves in private (nobody would ever know), that you would make standing upon a stage in the throes of a genuine “YouTube moment.” This approach is the best insurance, not only against future embarrassment, but also against darkening of the soul. You DO have a choice. Exercise it. It buys freedom.

Tuesday –  Power (Strength): Gentle, steady, and unshakable could be a great mantra today. You have what you need inside of you, so call upon it.

Wednesday –  Patience & Planning (Seven of Pentacles): Take your steps today with the long haul and delayed gratification in mind. The future has this sometimes inconvenient way of showing up one day. When it does, you’ll be glad you made the right choices along the way.

Thursday –  Rejoice in Celebration (Three of Cups) : Connect with your people and feel grateful for the good in your life. No matter what your life, there is always some good.

Friday –  Truth (Judgment): This is a balanced, unbiased accounting. It’s not about reward or punishment so much as objectivity and understanding. You may have opportunity to be glad about how you behaved earlier this week. Ha!

Saturday –  Positive Movement Forward (Eight of Pentacles): Seeing progress is always a relief. You may not be where you want to be. (So few of us are.) But it’s still very important—perhaps more important—to recognize and appreciate the milestones along the way in such circumstance.

Sunday –  Prosperity Begins (Ace of Pentacles): The seeds you’ve planted are preparing to sprout. Yay for sprouted seeds!

Advice/Overview –  Wisdom (The Hierophant): Go old-school. Do what you know is right this week, according to tradition, how you were raised, what you were taught by the teachers you honor and respect, following the advice of those who have gone before. This tried-and-true approach is what’s required.

Affirmation –  Plum, Overcome Your Challenges: Sometimes, doing the right thing is hard. Heck, sometimes even knowing the right thing is hard. And by “the right thing” I don’t mean the objectively single best decision in any given circumstance. I mean making the choice where your heart, your head and your spirit remain in alignment.

This is a week we’ll have hills to climb and distractions to overcome. There is a potential to get derailed. But if you stay on task and remember not only what you’re trying to do, but WHO YOU ARE and what you want to be about, you’re on course for making some headway. Stay true to yourself out there!

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