June 10

Only Now. (Weekly Tarot)


I’m experimenting with format for the Everyday Tarot. Nothing to worry over, if you’re inclined to extrapolate. I’m well! (You know who you are.)

Right now, I’m more looking to ride the wave incoming, and (hopefully) help translate it for you.

And I just pulled a few cards for me. I had a question. But as soon as I saw them, I knew they wanted to speak to you, too.

The Ace of Swords is clarity and focus. It’s a single, undiluted idea. It’s a beginning of a beginning. With this Ace, the idea will always be good but it’s far from complete, and you never know how far it will go. Which honestly (as this Ace demands), that’s a lot of the excitement of any new idea. It’s fun to watch them grow up!

And the Six of Cups is trust–a childhood trust, uncomplicated. It’s a gift, for no other purpose than pleasure. This card brings the gift of being in the moment. Those children aren’t worrying about yesterday or next week. They’re not asking, “How, how, how, will the world will sort itself out?!?” They are sharing a moment. The moment. The only moment any of us have. Now.

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Behind them lies a castle: they are well provided for.  There are many beautiful flowers–blessings. In Cups–the heart. It’s a beautiful place to be.

Simple, unadulterated optimism. Expecting and accepting all is well. Appreciation without qualification. Being present in the moment. Knowing you’ll know what you need to know, as you need to know it. This is how you plug into the flow, where it feels good and you remain connected to your great knowings.

And the outcome? That’s the Knight of Wands.  He’s going places, and fast! He’s having fun, creating and building a life he loves. This guy? He’s having a good time.

I want to take a ride like that. How about you?

This week’s forecast featured themini Radiant Rider Waite because Dixie is lazy and it was already out of the Tarot bin. Also, it is a great working deck who speaks very clearly. Shoot me an email if you want to see what that (or another) deck have to say to you.

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Knight of Wands, Radiant Rider Waite, Six of Cups

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