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12/28/13: No Shortcuts / World


The World“But it such a happy card!”

I was very surprised when I discovered the World is associated with Saturn. The World is, in a nutshell, a story’s end, telling the tale of mastery, overcoming adversity and marking completion.

Even in this “behind-the-scenes” deck, you can pretty much make out the various representations in each of the corners. Depending on whom you’re consulting, this can represent the four fixed signs in astrology (human/Aquarius, lion/Leo, ox/Taurus and eagle/Scorpio), the four evangelists (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), or the four elements, with a distinct nod to the description of God’s throne thrown in (Revelations 4:7). Ha!

Any way you read the symbolism though, you’ve got completeness; a sense of utter, eternal completeness sums up the World. The World card being at the end of the Major Arcana isn’t by accident, after all. It marks the conclusion of the Fool’s journey, where the fool returns home to integrate all he learned along the way.

This card is a blessing, but with an asterisk: ALL gifts of the World—and some are mighty nice—are well-earned. The Wheel may shower random surprises upon the undeserving, but the World only rewards those who earn what they get.

This is more or less the feeling I’ve got about the year coming up. Between the video year-ahead forecast (eek!) and the Zodiac 2014 forecasts I’ve been doing for clients, I’m finding 2014 to largely demand a whole lot of work, albeit highly productive work. So I’m thinking this card is exactly what you can expect in 2015 IF you play 2014 right.

Might as well get started, so here is some “worldly advice” for today:

  • Study, work hard, and earn your pay.
  • Be a grown up; do what needs to be done.
  • Offer something in exchange for what you receive.
  • Apply yourself with the intention of getting things right.

This is a “no shortcuts” kind of day. It may be a little sober, but it’s definitely satisfying!

Can you see the need for the World’s energy around you?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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New Vision Tarot, Saturn, The World

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  1. I know I’m weird, but I love Saturn stuff. There’s a satisfaction that comes with hard work, and a sense that what I’ve earned, I get to keep.

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