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04/27/12: Don’t stop now! | 9 Wands


I used to do a fair amount of writing on weight loss, sharing my personal successes. One of the things people most often asked me about was the secret of my success.

I didn’t use the opportunity to sing the praises of low carb, or toss out tips about miracle foods or cite research on losing and maintaining weight, although I certainly could have. All these things were helpful to me, but none would have done the job in isolation. None were pivotal, except for one…

The real secret to success is so simple, nobody seemed to think of it: Don’t stop.

That’s it—don’t give up, don’t abandon your efforts or get too discouraged and just give in. Just don’t stop! The only way to fail is to stop. The only way to succeed is not to stop.

The Nine of Wands (Mars in Sagittarius) suggests a large (Sagittarius) drive (Mars) to succeed. Often, with Tarot Nines, there is a weariness involved. Any Nine of Wands battle has been long and hard, and you may have been beat up in the process.

I always appreciate this card, though, because even though there is a weary feeling, there is also a palpable determination about the energy. Giving up? Not an option for this guy. He’s going NOWHERE until he achieves his aim.

There may be times where he shifts his attention—maybe he’ll turn to his left instead of his right to see what’s on the horizon over there. He may move around to the other side of his wand fortress, or perhaps call in a friend to assist on his watch. Adjustments he makes with ease, but never abandoning his post.

Another thing I like about the Tarot Nines is that we’re nearing the end of a cycle. You may be tired of the fight, but by the time you get to the Nine of Wands, you’re almost done.

Does the Nine of Wands have any encouragement to offer you?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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Morgan-Greer, Nine of Wands, Tarot Nines

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  1. I’m reading this as I’m having my kale, beets, orange peppers and purple cabbage with olive oil dressing. (This was to make up for pathetically high carbs for “breakfast” during a meeting… way too much sugar in MORE coffee and unnecessary bagel bites.)

    But I will resolutely resume veggie chopping ASAP. I know it will just improve all moods. Because ya, feeling beat up. That warrior is the perfect symbolism I was seeking. Just guarding my turf, hanging in there!

    I would love to read your diet and nutrition motivations!

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