November 9

11/09/11: Secrets | Reversed Nine of Swords


nine-of-swords-reversedWhenever I see the nine of swords, I think of those times in my life I’ve had secrets…things I didn’t talk to parents or friends or husbands about.  Heaviness I carried around in my chest; the kind that comes to visit when you lie quiet and still and there’s no other noise to fill your mind. 

Today’s Tarot is the reversed Nine of Swords, associated with Mars in Gemini. Think war (Mars) in your head (Gemini)!  I often see this card when someone is having trouble sleeping, especially nightmares, or is dealing with guilt and secret burdens. It’s a very lonely and sometimes dark place. Think Sword of Damocles.  There’s a sense of isolation, often seasoned with some shame or fear.

This is, indeed, one of those cards I prefer reversed, since I’d rather see this energy not expressed full force. It’s ouchy. Today, I’m seeing it as letting go of the old worries, fears, and more than anything, the sense of being alone!

You CAN share. You can unburden (and allow others the same gift). It is a risk, I know.  But if you afford others the respect of granting them the right to feel however they do, knowing you only own yours and being okay with that, you can afford the risk. You may be surprised to find compassion where you thought you’d find condemnation.

Stranger things have happened.

Do you see yourself in the reversed nine of Swords?

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  1. Came in my reading today too. I feel like there is a war in my head. I have a killer headache today. UGH

    And the rest of what you had to say about this. Dead on.
    “You CAN share. You can unburden”
    Very well said.

    :moon: :moon:

  2. Today is the day I talk to my mom. I need to let her know all is forgiven, maybe she’ll be able to unburden then hopefully forgive herself.


  3. This reminds me of a really intense reading I had earlier in the year. I got this card reversed in the Environmental Factors position and it was because someone was freaking out about my wanting to leave the friendship, but he was concealing it.

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