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01/02/12: Dark Night of the Soul | Nine of Swords



“Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.” –Mark Twain

It’s the stuff you don’t talk to anybody about—all while chanting, “It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay,” because you’re trying to convince yourself. It’s the worries and doubt, guilt and fears, that wake you up in the middle of the night.


This is the realm of the Nine of Swords, associated with Mars in Gemini. Think inner conflict (Mars), being of two minds (Gemini). I often see this card when someone is having nightmares or difficulty sleeping, especially stemming from secret worries. It’s a lonely card.

In the Housewives deck, I have to say, that old woman in the corner makes me think of Psycho (Norman’s mom was pretty handy with a knife)! She suggests a guilt trip may be in play—or maybe Mom’s not really so sweet. Har!

What’s getting under your skin? What’s drawing blood in your life? Who can you trust? Maybe the biggest question of all: can you trust yourself? This is where we look for Nine of Swords resolutions.

8_of_Swords10_of_SwordsIn the Eight of Swords, the lady is loosely bound, and risks some nicks if she struggles. She was in every sense a victim.

In the Nine of Swords, she’s dealing with internal conflicts. Where did her judgment and choices fail her? What part of the burden is hers to bear? Is she acting with integrity? Submerging sorrows by day, they revisit at night.

It’s relevant to note the nine leads to the Ten of Swords, where remaining illusions are gone. Betrayals are in plain view, no longer up for obscuring. People hate getting this card because it’s so dark, and I’ll give you that. But for me, it signals a readiness to heal! The worst has hit already; you’ve faced it all. You can make it better and completely, not superficially, courtesy the awareness you earned fighting through the dark night of the soul  the nine conjures.

The angst of the nine is a gift, straight up. It says, kind of loud, something’s amiss, reminding there’s a price tag attached. Our peace of mind has been disturbed! It’s a universal tap on the shoulder Evaluate what serves versus what complicates your life; face up to where you’ve fallen short to decide which direction The Nine of Swords asks us to face our fears to avoid living by default. It can be uncomfortable facing up, but the process gives you power in direct proportion.

What do you relate to the Nine of Swords?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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Housewives Tarot, Mars in Gemini, Nine of Swords

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  1. Gol, Dixie –

    I don’t know what to say, this card is so right on for me this morning. Woke up early. Not sleeping well. But I loved this part…

    “The worst has hit already; you’ve faced it all. You can make it better and completely, not superficially, courtesy the awareness you earned fighting through the dark night of the soul the nine conjures.”

    I have done this, over and over again, in my life. I can do it again. This time, I will go through it without panic, standing in my power, instead of being a victim.

    It’s a New Year, after all.

  2. Forgiveness and mercy.

    We can worry ourselves to death about injustices ~ something someone has done to us or we’ve done to them. For me, this card (the RW 9S, not the Housewives) is about getting past the condemnation, which isn’t always easy, and being merciful.

  3. I tend to stick with RW deck, but I see the 9 of swords as not wanting to face our fears, are they real or are they imagination.

    The 10 of swords – well if the worst did happen, the only way now is up. Might be the end of the line for somethings – the swords are like lighting bolts from the black sky, but the sea is clam and the man has a red cloth around him (Red usually means strength, there is still a strong energy even if the body is lost)

    The clouds are clearing and there is a new dawn on the horizon (this is not a sunset) The worst will soon be over.

    To me this is about wisdom and truth (you didnt listen and paid the price, now pick yourself up)- the Page that follows “well you’ve done your worst to me” “I learnt the hard way – but not again” hes back on his feet and ready for action.

  4. My Nine of Swords isn’t only regrets or minor worries – it’s come up for me a lot, when I do have something valid to worry about, but there’s nothing that I can do about it. Like I’m PMS’ing and feeling depressed again, and what stood out to me tonight? That I was feeling crystal clear again – that clarity that I’ve felt before – but it isn’t in a good way. It’s sane, and my head is clear, but it’s also the knowledge that everything that is in technocolour, vibrant and alive around me, will be gone one day, and that I can’t control when. I’ve been hyper-aware of that for at least eighteen months now, and it’s too much.

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