March 25

03/25/12: Sorrow to Divinely Inspired | 9 Swords, 3 Pentacles



Today’s Tarot is the Nine of Swords (aka Clouds, Sun in Gemini) and the Three of Pentacles again (Rainbows here, Moon in Capricorn). Like the traditional Nine of Swords, this image emphasizes a sense of isolation—the kind that visits late at night, when you’re all alone. This version of the Three of Pentacles is an interesting take—like all Tarot threes, a birthing is underway. Here, it comes from the mating of your mind and divine inspiration. One or the other won’t get you there. The inspiration has to be acted upon to impact your world.

Are you feeling sorrowful, isolated? Pray. Look for new ideas, serendipity, and divine inspiration appearing out of nowhere. Those little nudges you feel, one way or another? Incorporate what you’re getting, into your plans. This is the way forward.

Do you find divine inspiration in times of sorrow?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
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  1. “Are you feeling sorrowful, isolated?”

    Yes, I am. I’m really not dealing well with stress, and whenever I brighten up even a little, someone takes it as a sign to yell at me, or play hopscotch on my last nerve. Sort of like the person who got me banned from somewhere last year, after paving the way with passive-aggressive breadcrumbs. Almost two weeks ago, I was thinking that the person who almost killed me when I was a kid, should have been allowed to finish the job.

    I find it fascinating when people don’t listen to someone who is saying, “I can’t take this anymore.” If it isn’t visible, like a tumour, or obvious like a complication with diabetes, then it isn’t believed – you’re just being melodramatic, or faking for attention, according to some. No, that is not always the case, and really, their helping me to get where I am today, is something that i will not ever feel grateful for.

    I haven’t felt divine inspiration for a while. I suppose there are people out there who might think that this is my karma? I don’t think so. They didn’t know me “before” and are in no position to judge. I do love how people take the side of the more popular person involved, too – love the high school vibe.

    Sorry for the rant. I’m clearing out today, and really don’t want to be around anyone.

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