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New Year Zodiac Forecast Spread for 2014


Zodiac 2014
Zodiac Look-Ahead for the Collective

Happy New Year! I like to do something special for the New Year. Since I’ve done so many Zodiac spreads and already did the year-ahead  video, I thought, “Well, why not a New Year’s spread!?”

I pulled out the Housewives deck for job, figuring even if things aren’t pretty, at least the ladies will keep us entertained. This spread pulls one card for each house of the Zodiac and an overview for the year card. Refer to one of my astrology cheat-sheets if you need a reminder on what’s what.

First thing that is notable is lots of inverted cards. Eight of thirteen I pulled, so over 60% reversed. Only one Cups card—definitely not a squishy year! And only a couple Pentacles, both inverted. We’ve got a lot of Wands and Swords instead. To me, this looks like a lot of effort required for real-world manifestations. I’m not saying the work doesn’t do any good. It certainly might be invaluable in the bigger picture. But much of what you accomplish is not going to be the kind of thing you can sit across from in your living room and say, “I did that.”

Houses 1 - 3
Houses 1 – 3

1st House: Mixed drink goggles! I like this one. It’s like there’s a certain art and elegance surrounding interpersonal interactions in 2014. Putting your best foot forward can be the source of much satisfaction. I would also suggest you act like whom you want to become. Not in a creepy-stalker way or a fake-persona way, but more using the year as an opportunity to self-define, essentially. There’s some magic available there to those who make use of it. Ten of Cups

2nd House: Almost but not quite right. This looks like a strong tendency to self-criticize and potential for missing details regarding financial matters. Reversed Knight of Pentacles can border on OCD an be rather anxious. Prioritize in conjunction with list-making are good ways to save the day when this guy is out of whack. Ranking what you value most and acting consistently in keeping with those rankings helps a lot. Consider making a mission statement to follow for the year. (That New Moon in Capricorn would be an excellent time to commit to it—hint, hint!) Reversed Knight of Pentacles

3rd House: “Is this conversation done yet?” It’s a lot of work to get your message across this year, and requires great care in not being misunderstood. Sorry, but the burden for being understood remains squarely with the communicator. So make sure whatever points you insist on making are worth the trouble. Ten of Wands

Houses 4 - 6
Houses 4 – 6

4th House: Forget the Alamo! Flexibility is in order, because digging your heels in at home probably won’t net you prizes. Don’t think sit-in. Think compromise, if you can bring yourself to do so. You’ve got much better odds that way. Reversed Nine of Wands

5th House: Make art for art’s sake. It’s a good year for creative endeavors of all kinds. Emphasis is on play and what the doing itself gives you, more than what you learn from the endeavor. You may learn in the process, but it cannot be the point. If you’re responsible for children, practice regular fun time without specific objectives. Reversed Nine of Pentacles

6th House:  Making nice, kind of. Submerged tensions and stressors wear down the immune system. First, check to see if it really matters (2nd house). Then, communicate it explicitly (3rd house). Finally, don’t be stubborn for stubborn’s sake (4th house). It may not be as big of a deal as it seemed at first, approached this way. Reversed Five of Wands

Houses 7 - 9
Houses 7 – 9

7th House: Step carefully. You can get through what you need to get through, to the people you need to get through to, but it requires effort to cross the divide (3rd house). Otherwise, you could slip. Once again, make sure you know what’s really important (2nd house) and what’s not. On the plus side, the gains made here are important and useful! Six of Swords

8th House: Death and taxes visit everyone and there’s nothing to be done to stop it. No point in worrying over it, huh? I know you will anyway, but it’s not because I didn’t warn you. Reversed Nine of Swords

9th House: Forgotten what that floor looked like? When you clean up your thinking and scrub off your spiritual philosophy, it doesn’t look the way you remembered it. Expanding your horizons may leave you lost in a strange land. “This is neither good nor bad,: declares the Zen Housewife. “Only different.” Reversed Three of Wands

Houses 10 - 12
Houses 10- 12

10th House: Bewitching reputation? It totally depends on who you’re asking. How the world views you is in great flux in 2014. Eight of Wands

11th House: Be careful of what you wish for…well, sort of. You won’t get what you expected, but it could make you happy anway. However, that’s entirely up to you. The Sun Reversed

12th House:  Pulling threads? So much of what’s going on in all the other houses find their way here, each a little thread. How you address the rest of your life in 2014 can have significant psychological and spiritual impact. In other words, the battles you fight at home, at work, with the siblings or kids or within your self? They matter. How they matter largely depends on how much integrity and thought you put into them during the fighting. Five of Swords

Knight of Wands Reversed
Overview for 2014

Overview: Last time I saw this little guy, I think I told you not to go poking bears. That’s still sound advice. The overall sense I have for 2014 is that a lot of the progress we make isn’t going to be outwardly visible. Like duck paddling, much of the work happens beneath the surface and outwardly, it doesn’t seem to be moving very fast. Themes regarding how we interact with other people, what matters and what does not, and self-defining are prominent. We could groan about the stuff that doesn’t look like fun, but honestly even though some of this most definitely doesn’t look like fun, it also has a feeling of being very important to me. And I’m not one to disregard those feelings, you know. Knight of Wands Reversed

What’s on your radar for 2014?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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