January 23

8 of Wands & 4 of Swords: New Horizons Dawning


My husband and I have been feeling slightly disoriented.

For the first time in a long time–as in over a year–we’ve got no major events demanding ongoing attention. We’re not trying to massively purge, find a place to live in a very specific geographical range, keep up with my folks’ needs from the next state, or embark on a long-distance move.

It’s wonderful…and it’s weird. There’s this nagging feeling we are forgetting something. We both wander around sometimes between activities, looking just a little lost.

Now, it’s not like we don’t have plenty of ordinary, everyday things to do.┬áBut it feels different. Like we should be doing something important, but neither of us are quite sure what.

Next week, I expect that to be the general vibe: we feel we should be doing something important, but we don’t know what.

As usual, Tarot has some guidance for us.

This Week in Tarot

Cards pictured from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot deck, displayed atop one of the warmest blankets I’ve ever crocheted.

8 of wands tarot forecast

Outlook is the Eight of Wands, with advice coming from the Four of Swords.

As I was shuffling, the Seven of Pentacles literally leapt across the room, so you know I’m including that card in the mix. Loud Tarot is loud.

Life (and assorted circumstance) is moving quickly. A quite up-in-the-air vibe now, though. For many (and I’m looking in the mirror here), that unsettled energy can prompt an urge to DO SOMETHING.

You know….something…anything. We feel compelled towards even tangentially relevant action, no matter there’s no obvious action to take. Ostensibly, we’re looking to ensure a desired outcome but in reality, forced action is no match for inspired action. Any relief “just doing something” gives is transitory on a good day.

The Four of Wands won’t tell you to act. Instead, let it go. This is the long-term (Seven of Pentacles) view. Your job is to rejuvenate, rest, and recover. (Sounds very retrogradey, doesn’t it?) You are preparing here, still, again. You’re making sure you’re at your best and ready to jump into inspired action when the time is right and conditions are ripe.

The Seven of Pentacles influence would never have us reach for quick fixes or temporary measures. Just like when you plant seeds hoping for a good harvest, there is a time for everything. Everything is done with a long-term orientation. You do according to its season.

New dawns are coming, and it won’t be long. Between now and then, get ready. There are times to act and times to nap. This week is heavier on the nap side. Enjoy it and you’ll be fresh and ready for the act time.

Hope all is well in your world, friends.

Much love from your Friendly Neighborhood Tarot Goddess.

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