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03/16/17: New Damn Socks / 9 of Wands, 8 of Cups


9 of Wands, 8 of Cups

When I was fat-finger shuffling it, the Eight of Cups flopped out. But I didn’t really want to use it for the daily, so I pulled anywho. It makes a very interesting statement paired with the never-say-die Nine of Wands in the “what to use in the future” category.

And so appropriate for the Virgo full moon!

Leave behind what is no longer useful. Emotionally detach. You don’t need to lay waste to the landscape or upset anybody else’s cup. Instead, you decide what’s right for YOU. In the future, you hold fast to that and let no conceivable interference move you from your post holding fast.

On the Eight of Cups: Every emotional release in our lives create an empty space to be filled. So many times, we expend TONS of energy trying to rehabilitate those old cups, hoping that water will turn to wine, hoping to find something in them the billionth time we check that is no longer sour. Every connection that ends creates space so that a better-fitting one may be allowed in. Without the space, it cannot happen. That purge is always the first step.

On the Nine of Wands: Once you have what you’re after—as opposed to trying to force what you have to become what you’re after—dig in. Hold on, and give it everything you’ve got to make it go and grow.

I guess this whole forecast could be summed up with the notion, to thine own self be true. Either not releasing what is not working for you or not holding out for what is are both ways we can be untrue to ourselves. It can be easier, less painful not to face the mess. But if you are willing to get past the mess, you can end up with something else worthy of protecting. The mess is not it! Value yourself.

Throw out all those socks with holes in them. Then you can get yourself some new damn socks!

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