September 16

09/16/12: My Side of the Gate | 5 of Rainbows


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Man, doesn’t this image speak volumes? Who among us hasn’t been that little kid—feeling a bit scattered and unkempt, not tall enough, not good enough, locked out? Or maybe he’s locked in, looking out. Either way, he’s on his own and he knows it.

This version of the Five of Pentacles (associated with Mercury in Taurus) especially resonates with me. It’s my life, right there. The other people? They were the ones who were always in the know. They knew the “truth,” whatever that means. They made the right decisions, had the right jobs and mates and houses and education and background. Now, it’s the ones who have had the training and the insight and the special declarations from Spirit, walking around knowing exactly what they are doing. Just ask ‘em! Or don’t. Stand still 3 minutes, you’ll hear about it anyway.

Me? I’m not special. I didn’t get “the gift to see through the veil” from my Great, Great, Great Grandma thirty-thrice removed. I didn’t have a near-death experience with a suden “awakening.” I didn’t dance with ghosts or see auras bouncing through the walls as a child. Angels didn’t wake me up blowing a horn in my ear one day to tell me I was off to save the masses by speaking THE truth.

I’m just a chick who has always been fascinated by the magical world. I’m a chick who FINALLY grew up enough to not worry who would think I was crazy talking about that world, really looking at it, you know?

I’m a chick who stopped asking why I wasn’t on the other side of the gate and started LIVING, on my side of the gate. I’m not here to tell you “THE” truth. I’m here to tell you MY truth. I’m here to encourage you to find yours. If we happen upon the same side of the gate, maybe we can hang.

Have you ever felt like this kid?

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  1. I love this card, and I find it particularly meaningful when it comes up in a read. Look closely at the lock – it is not closed. The boundary is an illusion

    1. I don’t recall noticing that about this particular deck – going to have to get the card back out now! But would definitly be in keeping with the usual 5 of Pents setup. Thanks for the comment!

  2. How about every ding dong day? I am so out of my element here in Hooterville* where I live. I know you can identify with that, Dixie. Here in Hooterville, there’s only way, one truth, and the locals are absolutely sure of it. If they took a minute to put on their thinking caps, they’d probably all go hang themselves for their transgressions. Steeped in Churchianity, they have yet to understand the words “love one another.” In many ways, they’re the ones inside the cell. The lock is on the child’s side, after all. The Hootervillians, as I refer to them, find safety and security in expecting/demanding that everyone be a cookie-cutter replica of the other. If you’re not a replica, you’re doomed. Imagine a redneck, the south will rise again, holier-than-thou Stepford Wives. Welcome to Hooterville! But don’t get me started.

    I don’t want to be a part of that kind of thinking or behavior, but it does make it a bit tougher to survive here “happily.”

    *Hooterville isn’t the real name. But it ought to be. Please excuse the rant. :shutmouth:

  3. Dixie, I can’t tell you how much your card reading was exactly appropriate to me on this day. It was like you were perched on my shoulder when you wrote it. I am so thankful for you expressing exactly what I was unable to form the proper words for my intent and experience today.

    Thank you.

  4. “I’m not here to tell you “THE” truth. I’m here to tell you MY truth. I’m here to encourage you to find yours.” And that, dear Love, is why I’ve been hangin’ with you or near you all these years… and why I’m still around. I’m GLAD you’re NOT one of those other kinds you described. :peace: :rainbow:

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