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04/11/13: Two Sides of the Same Coin / The Moon


“My strength and my weakness are twins in the same womb.” Marge Piercy


“I’m here to save you.” Those weren’t the words, but that was the message. (He clearly hadn’t gotten the memo, there’s a line!) It was unmistakably unwelcome. Words were infused with emotion, over-the-top lies intended to tug at my heart. He thought it was my Achilles heel. My desire to serve, my trust, compassion, faith, willingness to acknowledge flaws…all things I consider to be greatest strengths were seen as invitation for abuse.

No. You see, I know who I am. A distorted mirror cannot bewitch me.

“Shadow” makes such a fascinating version of the Moon. And the mirrored holy man makes quite an impression, doesn’t he?

Is there something about yourself you’d rather not face? Human nature wants to claim the clean and light while denying the dark, not-so-holy, you know? Defense mechanisms are…well, defensive!

If you can detach enough from your own convictions, you can see this principle in play constantly in political debate. (If you cannot, you’ll only see it in play via the opposition.) The point is, people project the shadow. They frequently attack others according to their own, unacknowledged weaknesses and may feel exceptionally righteous doing it. It’s a brave man (or woman) who can squarely stare their own issues in the eye.

Few of us are outliers, populating the extremes of the light/dark continuum. The Shadow challenges us to face our fears, our insecurities, our weaknesses and sins and personal madness head on. It’s only by experiencing this part of ourselves we can make it past the shadow and into the light—the Sun follows the Moon in the deck, y’know.

Here’s the thing: if you know your weaknesses, they cannot be exploited. Good chance, you’ll find in the heart of those flaws the very same qualities that make up your strengths. Because they are ALL part of the same spectrum that creates the whole of who you are: humanity. Whether they are assets or liabilities lies in how you LIVE. Love and accept yourself as is, and take responsibility for living your humanity in the most honest way possible. Then no one can ever use it against you.

Are you familiar with your flaws?

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