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02/09/13: Moonlight Mirages that Aren’t / Moon


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Ah, the Moon is always a mystery! Inverted, even more mysterious. It reminds me of how much I don’t know, while I may think I do! It’s truth cloaked in confusion, it’s magic that’s fake, false starts and mystery maladies that are not really problems at all. With an Owl pictured, I think especially of wisdom, but he’s flying upside down with the card inverted. That doesn’t, however, mean he’s not still going the right way. It just may be for reasons different that what he thinks.

I’m taking this as a genteel reminder to keep my ego in check. You know what you know—until you figure out different! Sure, be confident of your belief structure, but don’t let the ego drive the process. Let observation inform you if your perception are right side up, and have faith you get the info you really need on the timetable you really need it.

In other words, whether you’re actually going where you THINK you are, doesn’t matter. Know your internal, spiritual GPS is sending you where you need to be, probably before you’re even aware that’s where you’re going.

Confused? Then you understand.

AND ever since I wrote this, I’ve had this song bouncing in my head…

What do you see in the moonlight?

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Tarot Nova, The Moon

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