December 22

12/22/12: Magic and Crazy | The Moon



There is something both magical and terrifying about the dead of night. It’s that time when anything is possible—your wildest dreams and your greatest fears. It’s when ghosts come out to go bump, and the divinding line between spirit and physical seems oh-so-thin. It’s the domain of the Moon.

The Moon is one of “those cards.” People can’t seem to decide whether or not to like it. Is it mystery or madness? Magic or lies? Hidden truth or traitorous fiction?

My answer: yes!

There is magic in not being bound by conventional reality. (I should know!) There’s also danger. I sometimes wonder aloud if I’m gifted or crazy. No need to answer that. I’m going to pick the answer I like best anyway.

As far as a forecast goes, I say be aware both of illusion and magic. They’re both real and they can be difficult to distinguish. Trust your inner voice to help you tell the difference, and be assured, no matter which it is, there’s a lesson hiding in there somewhere for you!

What’s that tricky moon say to you today?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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Legacy of the Divine, Magic, The Moon

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  1. Our ancestors accepted and worked with the energy of the moon. For them it provided information that could protect and feed the tribes. They honored it rather than fearing it. I think we have been taught to fear it far more than we should. I’m always annoyed with the idea that intuition should be feared.

    Wouldn’t illusion and magic be more comfortable with the Magician card?

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