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08/04/13: Missing Pages / 10 of Swords



It’s not denial. I’m just selective about the reality I accept. –Bill Watterson

Sometimes, a magical mindset allows room for miracles in your life by not worrying about “how” so much as “what.” You can make leaps without getting hung up on technique. But sometimes, it’s a tidy rationalization for avoidance.

The trick, as always, is telling the difference.

Here’s another card that’s much more friendly with straight-up astrological association than it’s more traditional Tarot brethren. The Ten of Swords is associated with the Sun in Gemini and our laughing Gemini baby cutting ripping up the book is a lot more appealing than that  over-killed fellow with ten swords protruding from his back.

Either way though, information is being n discarded. In the traditional version, an unexepcted betrayal comes to light. Here, the baby has ripped a page out of the book, happy to remove something that is (theoretically) of relevance to the text as a whole.

Are you ignoring  facts that are inconvenient? Are you only listening to what want to hear? It may not matter at all, but those missing pages may be important, too. Only you can decide.

Do you have missing pages?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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Ten of Swords, Zodiac Tarot

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