September 12

09/12/11: Mood Ring Tarot



Okay. Tarot is totally making fun of me again.

I’m in a mood. I’ve broken this website at least a couple times already, including erasing the CONTENT from every single page! It’s STILL not right even though I’ve spent pretty much the entire day trying to fix what I broke when I was trying to fix something else. I’m wound up and sick of looking at this computer, but I haven’t written yet.

The column has priority over the little nitpicky issues that drive me insane but are not vital to keep the site running. So I pull out my deck.

We got the Eight of Cups reversed. “Oh, I’m not doing a good job of letting go of my emotions, huh?” Smartass Tarot. Can’t transcend what I’m still pissed about. This card’s associated with Saturn in Pisces. My work (Saturn) keeps disappearing (Pisces)!

I pull a second card, just in case there was more to see.

The Magician, reversed, associated with Mercury. I don’t feel in control here. Sheesh.

See, I’ve been complaining (loudly) about the Neptune/Mercury action because this sky is not agreeing with me. I’m losing (Neptune) comments (Mercury). I erased (Neptune) all my posts (Mercury). My thoughts (Mercury) have been confused (Neptune). I’ve got a LOT of Mercury in my chart, man, so when that Magician is upside down, so am I.

Yep. That’s exactly what I see here…Dixie is cranky over her website and didn’t properly discharge her aggravation before drawing Tarot cards for  Everyday Tarot. It’s a reminder, what you’ve got in your field when you pull the cards matters.

The cards read my mood. They will yours, too. Which is why you need to ground and clear before you draw ’em. Just like you need to back up your database before running SQL queries. Word to the wise, or at least wiser than me…

Do you see anything?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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  1. Yeah … I learned this one twice over. Once with Deviant Moon when I asked how my life was looking and it took me all the way to when I die … sometime after my husband since I spent quite a few cards as a grieving widow. That was awful.

    Then, when I was confused about what to do with me job: who to keep, who not to, etc … I pulled a separate reading for each person quickly and it was complete gibberish and gobbledygook. I could’ve pulled a more coherent reading by just tossing the cards on the table and pulling only the ones that landed sideways with my eyes closed.

    Once I lit my sage-blackberry-tea candle, grounded my energy in the earth and opened myself properly, the cards landed perfectly if not maybe with the messages I wanted. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who gets Mood Tarot readings

    1. I call those “Panic Readings” when I’m upset and I swear to God, even if I get the perfect cards, I can’t read them worth a damn if I’m not anchored myself. Ground, ground, ground!

  2. Ha ha. Yep. this is my mood. I am tired of the “soundtrack” of thoughts going on in head and it is rather draining. I don’t feel in control and my emotions are on overdrive. Funny that the full moon in Pisces is in my 12th house and it is time for me to retreat and give myself a break. Universal conspiracy here to get me to take care of myself better and let everything else take of themselves. It is all working out just fine. It always does.
    Computers are sensitive… and if you are frustrated… it feels it. lots of breaks from the computer is a good thing, Dixie. Letting go for a bit is all good stuff.

  3. Fits me to a tee today. My son moved overseas. While its’ a great move for him, it’s made me really blue. I keep trying to remind myself what a wonderful gift this is for him, but the blues keep sneaking in…..and I’m a Pisces….tomorrow will be better! haven’t been in such a funk in years.

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