August 9

08/10/13: Finishing Finals / 9 of Pentacles


9-of-pentacles-peaningWhenever I think of the Nine of Pentacles, I’m often reminded of that feeling I’d always walking out of a classroom after finals. You know, a little groggy, from the study and the cramming beforehand coupled with the concentration and focus of the test itself. I always walked out lightheaded, feeling a little “out-of-time” from the intensity of the whole experience. But always, also a whole lot lighter. I’m sure some people sweat the waiting for the grade bit most of all, but I never did. It wasn’t arrogance nearly so much as the very utilitarian realization that I had done what I could at that point.

This is one manifestation of the Nine of Pentacles. She’s been to school and it’s paid off in the form of those shiny, blooming pentacles. She carries the falcon (or at least it’s usually a falcon, here I’m not sure), but anywho, the bird symbolizers mastering her lower nature. She studied when she might have preferred to play. She challenged herself to expand her horizons, leading to transformation that’s symbolized here in the form of butterfly companions.

She’s dressed well and truly, that expansion does behoove her. In big ways and in small, learning gives you possibilities. Sometimes it’s informal, sometimes it’s more formal, but either way, it changes and refines your perspective via standing on the accomplishments of others, providing yourself a basis for your own.

Whatever form it’s taken, ask yourself what you’ve recently learned? How has it expanded your existence? How can you use it to expand you life and satisfaction now?

Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti
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Gilded Tarot, Nine of Pentacles

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  1. This is a card I get a lot and I always welcome it. It reassures me that I’ll be able to remain self-reliant, even if things feel sketchy in the present.

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