January 28

Make Connection: Five of Pentacles


If you go deeper and deeper into your own heart, you’ll be living in a world with less fear, isolation and loneliness. -Sharon Salzberg

Solitude is regenerative. The nature of quiet, reflective spaces affords an opportunity to sink deeper into the heart, without distraction from the outside world. It’s more than being able to hear yourself think. You can feel yourself, feel.

Isolation differs in that it seems there’s no real choice but to be separate. The energetic difference between solitude and isolation isn’t in the outward appearance. It’s emotional. That means you have direct influence courtesy how you choose to frame it.

“Feeling Alone” is the Five of Pentacles from the Psychic Heart Tarot. While this rendition is non-traditional, the meaning is not. A woman walks alone in the night, though the cabin with the light still inside is not far off. It’s reachable. The divide as pictured isn’t one of great distance or hardship. Not Earth, but water winds between the woman and the cabin. Fractures between the self and others is an emotional divide.

You can connect if allow yourself to bridge the emotional divide. For a true connection to fire, the heart’s gotta be open.

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Hydrangea from Botanical Inspirations is “thankfulness for understanding.” Begin by letting yourself off the hook for whatever you’re not pleased with in your life–just do the best you can in the present moment. And after that? Everything else is much easier to let go.

Be generous with your positive assumptions, handing out that benefit of a doubt like gumdrops–first to yourself, which makes it possible to give to the rest of the world. You’ll find it routinely given back to you in turn. Maybe it sounds a little crazy, but it always works that way.

You could feel isolated this week. If you focus on the points of divide, it won’t get any more comfortable.

Or you could opt for some solitude, however your spirit calls for it. And the rest of the time, assume the best of everyone–not because they always deserve it, but because you deserve to feel as good as you can. Feeling good frees up your emotional energy for pursuits to make life richer.  I like to allocate my emotional bandwidth by what gives me the most joy. It’s a very good way to live.

All roads lead home, friends. But you get to decide which one to walk.

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Peace Out.

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Five of Pentacles, Psychic Heart Tarot

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