September 19

09/19/11: Magician’s Magic Lies Within


IMG_1621When faced with frustration, it’s all to easy to feel victimized, plagued by bad luck, or somehow cursed. I’ll spare you “Dixie Pep Talk #203,” short of pointing out what looks like bad luck often isn’t,  and how you play your cards matters a whole lot more in the long run than the cards you get.

“Nothing external to you has any power over you.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tarot_1_The_MagicianToday’s Tarot forecast is The Magician or The Magus of Power, associated with Mercury. I’m partial to the Magician, I’ll admit. I  always like seeing him,  because he tells us we have access to everything needed already. It’s just a question of channeling that energy.

His power isn’t over others as the Emperor’s often is; the Magician’s mastery is always self-mastery. He controls his own mind, his thoughts, and therefore, how he expresses his desires. See how he holds his wand to the sky, while his other hand is pointing downward? As above, so below. In the traditional version, his white robes denote purity while the red cloak shows he acts in accordance with his wishes. In short, he’s effective!

So if you don’t like what’s going on in your life, if other people aren’t behaving as you’d like them to, join the club! It’s a damn near universal membership, man. But there is something you can do.

Here, now, separate yourself from outside influence. Focus first on being the person YOU want to be, living the life YOU’D like to live, and watch as outer reality begins to match what you are putting out there.

The Magician speaks to what’s within your power to change. If you want respect in your life, be respectful to others and detach from those disrespectful. If you want harmony, act harmoniously and detach from drama. Whatever it is you want in your life, seek first to BE that, and let that energy attract more of the same to you.

Where are you aiming your power now?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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  1. LOL, followed by gratitude…

    The theme for my thoughts of the past 24 hours has been “Respect” as opposed to “why do I get treated like that by most people?” and the sense of being a victim.

    (I thought I was getting some kind of message that I’m supposed to be some type of teacher by rising above, and maintaining logic in any dialogue with those who seem to be not completely in touch with reality. Ok, in my mind, they are mentally ill.) But as you point out, they must be a reflection of my own reality, which I have been trying to comprehend. Where am I not in touch with reality myself? Is that what I’m supposed to learn? My priorities are kindness, respect, and logic, but I’m not getting that back from 95% of those I share this life with.

    In other words, you have once again articulated my thoughts on the particular day and moment on which they are on that front burner. And then provided the perfect solution which I would never have seen on my own.

    Respect and harmony, followed by detachment, leads to peace and my own power.

    “Ragdoll heard me thinking…”

  2. “The Magician’s mastery is always self-mastery.” This is so true. What are we each striving for in our lives but this? We each look outside ourselves believing those things will fulfill us, but it is what lies within that is where the real peace and serenity can be found.

    “The Magician speaks to what’s within your power to change.” This reminds me of the Serenity Prayer:

    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.
    The courage to change the things I can.
    And the wisdom to know the difference.

    I have to accept all others just as they are. I have to find the courage to change what I can, namely me. And I have to have the guidance from above to know the difference. Acceptance, courage, and wisdom are my constant prayer.

    Thank you, Dixie, for a timely reminder.

  3. I usually try my best to not be a part of the drama, and when I suspect someone is trying to get my goat, I usually back off. I have moments when I wonder if I’m crazy, due to anxiety, but I’m not, and I’ve been focusing on my own life. I was just talking about this with a friend, who just lost her Uncle on the weekend of September 11th – she said it sent her into a tailspin, and she’s one of my more level-headed friends. My sister is an extremely down-to-earth capricorn, who was wondering if we were cursed, and in the past, I’ve had people telling me how down-to-earth and kind I am. I’m letting other people choose to believe what they want to believe about me, and have been getting reminders all week, of the good people I have in my life all over- by speaking directly with them, and their telling me that they’ve missed me.

    Suicidal feelings are no joke, and I’ve had them. It doesn’t help when people make it worse when they know that I, or anyone else, is not doing so well. Everyone has problems, I get it, but I don’t usually make it worse by laughing at them. My rule has always been to deal with people with kindness, but over the past year, I’ve had more trouble with it when it seems that someone has deliberately tried to hurt me or damage me in some fashion. Other times, I can see my own responsibility in anything, but not in those situations. I’ve hashed it out again with someone tonight – their treatment of me over the past two years (in specific ways), that helped me into a bad place mentally and emotionally. For the most part I’m fine, but I do have my times when I wonder if I’m ever going to be fully okay again. At those times I get scared, but when I hear others talking about themselves spiralling after losses (and I’ve had five losses in six weeks), and know how level-headed and kind I usually am? I can see it as processing and grieving, and in some cases, natural reactions when it comes to things that I’ve dealt with in the past.

    The other night, I was writing things out, just to clear my head, and at the end, it just came out – something about how I was going to be just fine, but nobody needed to know it. I’ve been vocal as I’ve been feeling that I was breaking down (hopefully to some sort of breakthrough – I had one two years ago, so it would be nice if there were a point to all of this). I’ve been different, and never would have talked so much about myself, up until this past year. It’s very odd for me, and boring for me, as well – so I can see how it would be for others – and I just understand that they don’t know me nearly well enough to see when I’m not acting like myself, and when I’m dealing with something.

    Sorry for the ultra long comment. I’m using this deck this week, too – it’s been my go-to deck for when I’m not feeling so good emotionally, ever since I received it just over a year ago. Comforting and beautiful.

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