August 24

08/24/11: The Magician Uses His Power


the-magician-tarotSometimes, we feel helpless when we’re not. Today, we get a reminder of our own strength and ability via Tarot’s card of the day.

Tarot_1_The_MagicianToday’s Tarot is the Magician or the Magus of Power, associated with Mercury. As one of the Tarot ones, he’s a singular force, representing the very essence of the power he calls upon from each of the elements. As one of the Major Arcana, his ability to wield that power for transform is remarkable.

The Magician is initiate, spiritual student, and as such, an effective conduit of energy. (I’ll also bet he practices psychic self defense!) The infinity symbol in the traditional RWS version emphasizes the lack of limitation. His white garment signals purity of intent, whereas the red cloak suggests action and real-world effectiveness.

When you see the magician, know that you are not helpless or at mercy of outside forces. YOU already have the power within you to direct your experience. The trick is always in how you direct that energy. You have the tools already! Start by imagining good outcomes, really feeling and conjuring up internally the emotions you’d like to create, and direct thoughts in accordance.

I’m not going to go all “The Secret” on you and say all that’s needed is thinking happy thoughts. But the Law of Attraction is effective. You just have work with the energy you attract. Once you set your will firmly , once you create the feelings and momentum toward positive outcomes, the actions required to bring them into being becomes accessible. You can act on what you believe as possible. Synchronicities fire up and you begin to materialize those possibilities.

You can’t use the Magician’s energy to control others. But you can use his energy to manage your OWN experience in situations involving others, which is far more useful without the Karmic implications of making someone else’s choices. Even difficult situations can give us valuable gifts, if we opt to extract lessons and insight consistent with our higher goals. Use that power you’ve got.

Are you feeling a sense of your own power?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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  1. “Are you feeling a sense of your own power?” Meh-I know it’s there yet sometimes I think I allow myself to be overwhelmed when I’m too attached to something; a person, situation or an outcome I want or how I think things should be. This energy needs to be let go of – BIG TIME!

    “the Law of Attraction is effective. You just have work with the energy you attract.” I wonder if procrastination is an energy. I wish I could wake up everyday & hit the ground running & focus on what I need to accomplish yet my day doesn’t seem to go that way.

    I guess tarot is telling me to put on my Big Girl Panties & deal with it & do what needs to be done. I have the power (insert song here) so for God’s sake use it & use it wisely.

    Thanks for the advice Dixie. Can I start tomorrow?

  2. I’m glad everyone seems to be getting through this. My marriage is still here, somehow. I’m pretty shocked about it. My husband will probably never cease to amaze me. He can come up with some pretty cool ways to get things done sometimes.

    My reading for today told me to get off my ass, get stuff done, don’t ignore any situation or procrastinate and to chill … that my soul is good and today would be better. When I saw The Magician here, I smiled for the first time since last week – a real smile, not a “Wow, not dead yet” smile.

    A lot of creativity happened today, but mostly it was just … getting things done when they needed to be done without feeling like I was slogging through mud to do it.

    I’ve taken a few minutes each morning this week to light my special friendship candle given to me by a dear friend and just send light and love to everyone I’ve ever seen comment on here. I hope it’s helped. It makes me feel better to do it anyway. Knowing y’all are on the same roller coaster helps.

  3. Garnet,

    Thank you for sending the light and love to all of us on our own Fool’s Journey. This has been a special place for me and the good vibes add to that experience.

    Thanks again for the good vibes and I’m sending this light back your way and to all.
    Hugs from Texas!

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