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05/26/13: Place in the Cosmos / Magician



What an awesome version of The Magician—here in the Psychic Tarot Oracle, titled “Awareness.” He doesn’t have the usual representations of the Tarot suits before him, nor is he acting out the Hermetic maxim, “As above, so below” that is suggested by the RWS wand-to-the-sky pose we so often see for the Magician.

And this divergence draws attention to an important point. His sense of control doesn’t come from without or within, strictly speaking. It comes from his understanding, yes, his AWARENESS that he himself is part of the universal energy stream.

He doesn’t question, he just KNOWS. He directly experiences the power of connection to all that is. He doesn’t just feel the Source flow within him, but understands himself as a part of the Source. This experience does not live in his head, but comes from his own divine spark that he consciously activates.

It’s a day to feel your power, not as a manipulator of spirit energies, but as a creator of spiritual energy. Think of it in terms of becoming conscious of your rightful place in the whole. The energy you possess as part of the natural order is significant and solid. Use it for the highest good.

Are you feeling your place in the cosmos?

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