August 15

Magician and King of Pents: Magical Words vs. Practical Actions


I heard from someone recently whom I’ve not talked with in a very, very long time.

It was just a little surreal, if you want to know the truth.

The words and ideas were incredibly familiar. Deja Vu. I understood the points of reference, because they were an integral part of my history. At the same time, there was a disconnect. That history remains history, not active in the present tense.

It was sort of like he was trying to speak to the person I used to be, hoping to call her to action. That chick doesn’t live here anymore. Her purpose was making the way for who I am, today. And who I am today will make way for who I become, tomorrow. That’s my idea of a good life, anyway.

Next week has kind of a similar vibe. Forget winning over anybody to your version of righteousness. Just live your own vision of what being a good human looks like. The rest will sort itself.

Next Week in the Cards

The outlook this week comes in the guise of The Magician, with advice as the King of Earth (Pentacles), pictured here from The Good Tarot.

With Magician as a forecast, people will be weaving their own stories in the week to come. They will likely be acting on those stories as well–the Magician is a can-do kind of guy. He channels personal focus into working his own magic.

It’s worth noting that the Magician is  ruled by Mercury. Therefore, we’re talking about a very focused and very mentally active energy. The phrase “you can hear the wheels turning in his head” could be describing the Magician. He’s looking to put together a spell to make things happen, and he’s not necessarily above utilizing slight of hand in the process.

While I generally like to see the Magician in readings because he indicates utilizing personal power, he has a different tone for me this week forecast. I still believe his intentions are on the up-and-up. But using your personal power/magic to run your own life is much different than using it to manipulate.

Advising us on the way forward, however, is the always solid King of Pentacles. This King is highly pragmatic and well-appointed to ground and balance the more mental energy of the Magician. Pentacles speak to manifestation, real-world practicalities. Kings rule kingdoms full of real, live subjects, after all. Their reign is not limited to the theoretical.

This King is especially concerned with the physical well-being of his kingdom. So the help he offers is often of a very concrete, practical nature. Do those in front of him have enough to eat? Do that have adequate shelter and clothing? Philosophy takes a back seat to immediate, physical needs in his priority list.

I’m expecting a week where information disseminated may be especially slanted or cherry-picked to suit a specific narrative. Honestly it feels a little silly even suggesting such, because there is so much of that already. We’re surrounded by competing narratives vying for the status of “truth” every single day.  How is it even worth commenting upon?

And yet, these cards suggest being more aware than usual of this phenomena. So it’s likely to be particularly easy to get caught up in the weeds if you’re not watching for it. We all fall into this to some degree anyway. What’s most credible, what stands out as being especially meaningful to each of us personally is based upon what we already believe.

To ground and stay clear, channel the King here. He’s a very practical guy. Address your own physical needs first–health, food and rest. Then begin working your way out through the “kingdom.” Family, friends, neighbors may be addressed and then, as time and energy allows, the world at large.

I wouldn’t bother trying to change someone’s mind about what’s “real” next week. Not much point. But if you see someone hungry? Feed them (or contribute to an organization that does). If you see someone struggling, lend a hand. Offer a word of encouragement, a prayer or a little support as you’re able. Do what you can to help yourself, your loved ones and then to those you meet.

Small, heartfelt acts of kindness, compassion and love–even a smile or a kind word–will do the most good for the most people. It’s how you stay sane, grounded and clear here, no matter what you see on the TV.

Just address what’s right in front of you with the sole intention of being helpful. That’s all you can realistically do, but the good news is that it’s absolutely enough!

Be well, friends.

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