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05/06/13: Self-Regulating Partnerships / Lovers



The Lovers shows a merging, reflecting a perfect harmony. This version has an interesting Biblical overtone with the snake climbing up a  tree towards the apple. Is there a deeper meaning to showing the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? “ Or is it just illustrating the possibility of temptation when physical passions take control?

I see this card most often indicating individuals (or sometimes groups) acting in unison and harmony. Such unions become more like a single entity, a hybrid kind of gestalt where the heart of one shows up in the expression of the other, and self-perception is formed in large part on loan from the partner. This can make for a distorted mirror.

The choice of “lover” is critical–you can expect to become more alike over time. If you’re particular and partner only with those you respect and admire, than can be a positive result. If the pairing is driven by more animalistic, less exalted passions (be they sexual, greed, ego or whatever), chances are the fruit of the union won’t be nearly as satisfying.

This is the self-regulating nature of partnerships. Like two tuning forks brought together, you and the other will eventually come to vibrate in harmony. So choose your partners wisely.

How are your partnerships?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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Legacy of the Divine, The Lovers

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  1. The Military took my partner away for 3- year long deployments, ( in the spanned of 10 years ) and now he’s “tuned” to a vibration I can’t even recognize nor want to

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