July 23

Lovers: Plug in and Get in Sync


My phone battery keeps running low.

To most people, that would be a prompting to check the charger cords, or look for rogue apps, or search online for answer, or otherwise take real-world action.

In my world, I start by asking myself how I’m letting my batteries run low? Am I feeling tired, strung out, raw? Because this is a prompt for me to ground, orient and prioritize getting that battery charged back up.

This idea is utterly and totally relevant to the week we’ve got incoming.

Incoming Week, in the Cards

For outlook, we’ve got the Lovers! Advice is the Ace of Swords reversed, here pictured from the Universal Rider-Waite mini–this is a mini version of the first working deck I used, so I’m enjoying revisiting it even if it’s a subtle shift from the Radiant I’ve used so much the cards have worn and bent.

[Besides that, I think many of us could use a little softer coloring of our world. Or maybe I project. But either way, it’s pretty.]

Now, it’s true the Lovers is a… well, a lovely card, I guess you could say. And in general, for a weekly forecast, I’d expect some harmony when you see the Lovers describing it.

But here, I really want to emphasize I’m NOT saying you will love your week, or what you see this week. Not even close. You might, of course. Or not so much. But how much you find to love is largely up to you.

You see, what you see will be in HARMONY with your personal energy this week. To some degree that’s always true, but it’s louder than normal right now. You’ll find lots and lots of support for your dominant vibe, wherever you look.

Aside: Please don’t take this as pointing the finger at you when you’re having a rough ride, okay? ‘Cause I get it and it’s going around. I’ve got nothing but love for you exactly as you are, with whatever path you’re traveling.

I’m saying whatever road is beneath your feet, for whatever reason it’s there, the way you ride it will have a big impact on how the bumpy (or not) the ride is.

So managing your own vibe becomes priority one. It’s the one aspect we actually have control over and it has the most impact on your subjective experience anyway. There’s literally no downside in feeding our own energy body with good stuff here.

That reversed Ace of Swords for advice is encouraging us not to get off into the weeds, not to sweat the small stuff, not to demand full accounting of details.

In all things this coming week, don’t overthink it. Look to line up your heart before you step forward because your head cannot map out the whole path. It’s the heart that will take you home.

Remember that because it’s always true: It’s the heart that will take you home.

Make sure you plug yourself with regularity to hear the calling of your heart more clearly. Use the force, friends, and work your magic. I’ll be over here rooting for you–and charging up my phone.

Much love. ~Dix

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Ace of Swords, The Lovers, Universal Rider-Waite

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