October 4

10/04/11: Credit Where it’s Due | Rev. Lovers, Rev. Knight of Cups


“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” –Albert Einstein


Today’s Tarot forecast is the Lovers inverted (Gemini) and the Knight of Cups inverted (Air in Water). In every endeavor, pressure points pop up, snags and delays along the way, times when we are just not “in love” with the progress. Where we’re at may not reflect the passion that started us moving. Okay. So it isn’t going as quickly or smoothly or flawlessly as we’d envisioned. Maybe we have a crisis of confidence, arising from the emotional turmoil of uncertainty. Well, stop it!

mlm-setback-and-tips1Everybody questions themselves at times. It is a smart thing to do—how could we learn along the way, grow and refine our approach without self-examination? But please don’t mistake lack of perfection for lack of progress. That are entirely different questions. ALL progress counts, every little bit!

And if you’re not making progress…well, that fact provides you some useful info, too.

The problems, annoyances, and hitches along the way are more than annoying delays. They are lessons, tailor made for your aims! Knowing what’s not working helps you clarify what does work. Seeing where you’ve stumbled helps you adjust your gait to avoid the rocks. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, right here, right now. That’s not how you climb a mountain, anyway. You first face the mountain, and then, keep walking. And if you trip, dust yourself off. If you’re tired, take a rest. But don’t stop walking. That’s the whole secret to getting to the top. Don’t stop walking.

How do you handle setbacks?

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Knight of Cups, The Lovers

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  1. NodNodNod!!!

    I tend to look at stuff, thinking it’s too BIG to do. Gotta keep reminding myself to just START, and then at least do a little bit every day. It usually turns out to be not half as hard as I thought it would be. LOL
    And the stuff that’s life choices? A step at a time. Enjoy the journey. Keep at it, even if there’s days that don’t go as smooth as I’d like.
    Thanks for the reminder, Dixie!
    And good morning, everybody!

  2. so true, Dixie. i’ve been able to measure my progress recently and am thankful to finally be able to do so.
    maybe because it’s a one-on-one pact i made with myself. when you’ve got a deal with just yourself, you can monitor it much more easily, not worrying about outside ideas or judgement.
    this is why i often do not reveal my plans to people until i’ve made good headway.
    this ties in nicely with the “constancy, perseverence” message of a few days back.

  3. Hi Emi!! (Waves!!)

    Love the “this is why i often do not reveal my plans to people until i’ve made good headway.”

    That’s the plan here as well.

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